What is an East-West setting?

An east-west engagement ring is a type of setting where the stone is oriented horizontally on the band. Classic stone shapes like ovals and pears as well as emerald, marquise, and cushion cuts are being given the horizontal treatment for a decidedly fresh aesthetic.

What are East-West rings?

The east-west setting is the unisex style of ring for both men and women. By simply turning the stones on their side, classic diamond cuts—such as emerald, pear, oval, and marquise cut diamonds—are given a fresh perspective.

What is a marquis ring?

A marquise cut diamond features 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends. It has been around for centuries, and though it cannot brag the same level of popularity as the princess or round cuts, its traditional, long, narrow shape looks excellent on a ring finger.

What does EW mean on a ring?

We’re used to scrolling past the endless ring selfies on our feed, but it takes something super special to make us stop and look (and like!). Enter the trending engagement ring style catching everyone’s eye: East- west.

Do you wear both wedding and engagement rings?

You should wear your wedding band first, followed by the engagement ring which sits above. To help the rings sit perfectly together, many couples choose to buy Wedfit engagement rings.

Can you tell the difference between moissanite and diamond?

The most effective way to tell Moissanite apart from a diamond is to use a loupe to look through the top, or the crown, of the jewel at an angle. You will see two slightly blurred lines that indicates a double refraction, an inherent quality of Moissanite. Double refraction is easier to see in some shapes than others.

Are marquise diamonds worth more?

Are Marquise Cut Diamonds Expensive? You will be happy to know that marquise cut diamonds are actually less expensive than other diamonds because there is less rough diamond waste when they are being cut. They will cost less per carat than their round counterparts.

Are marquise diamonds worth anything?

With the deviation in cut, color and clarity of the diamonds the net cost of the marquise diamond also varies. A 0.50 carat marquise cut diamond can be acquired in between a price range of $ 900 to $ 1500 depending on the color, cut and clarity according to your preference.