What is BRK Raider Klan?

Raider Klan members often wore all black clothing, which SpaceGhostPurrp explained as being to represent their “black hearts”.

Is Black Kray in Raider Klan?

In 2011/2012 Black Kray was a part of the Raider Klan skate team, establishing his relationship with SpaceGhostPurrp. Once Kray started gaining traction with his music it was only natural for those that he had helped years ago to help him.

Was Robb banks in Raider Klan?

He gained recognition with the Raider Klan movement in 2012 where he would debut his first mixtape Calendars and his follow-up mixtape Tha City in 2013.

Who is Nell the rapper?

Houston-bred producer LaNell “NELL” Grant brings a unique and ear-catching presence to the music industry through her production. Known for her work with Hip Hop’s new pioneer, Tobe Nwigwe, the two have created a sound and pairing that has been likened to that of Timbaland and Missy Elliot.

Who is Xavier Wulf?

Xavier Wulf is by far one of my favorite artists of the past decade. The Memphis born, LA based rapper is one of the pioneers (along with Bones, Chris Travis, and Black Smurf) of the dark, underground Memphis rap scene that created the “trap-metal” subgenre of hip hop.

How old is SickboyRari?

28 years (February 23, 1994)Black Kray / Age

What is tread music?

Tread Music, defined by uptempo percussion, swirling, percolating bass high in the mix, and ice cold futuristic synths working to encase SoundCloud trap in an atmosphere of nihilistic menace, is the newest subgenre of trap bubbling up from the SoundCloud underground.

How old is Robb Bank $?

27 years (September 24, 1994)Robb Banks / Age

What is Robb Banks real name?

Richard O’Neil BurrellRobb Banks / Full name

Are Nell and Tobe related?

Music career Nwigwe collaborates with his wife, Fat (born Martica Ivory Rogers), and friend and producer/rapper LaNell “Nell” Grant, also known as The Originals. The three came together while working with Nwigwe’s nonprofit TeamGINI. Nwigwe appeared on the BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 Cypher.