What is ceramic fiber insulation used for?

Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a great energy saving product because of its superior insulating properties, low heat storage, and complete resistance to thermal shock. It is widely used as industrial insulation, high temperature insulation, and in a variety of heat processing applications.

What is ceramic paper insulation?

Ceramic Fiber Paper features lightweight, structure uniformity and low thermal conductivity, which serve as a perfect solution for high temperature insulation, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. Ceramic Fiber Paper can be used in various types of refractory and sealing applications.

Is ceramic fiber waterproof?

CCEWOOL water repellent ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of waterproof, light and soft ceramic fiber insulation blanket. It is produced with our self-developed inside double needle technology and solvent-based high-temperature nano-hydrophobic materials as the surface treatment agent. Its hydrophobicity can be above 99.

Can you use ceramic fiber insulation in walls?

Ceramic fiber insulation is used over the outside of the radiant walls surrounding the burner area of the booster heater.

What is ceramic Fibre made of?

Standard ceramic fibres (Fig. 8.6) are made from inorganic materials, primarily aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and silicon dioxide (SiO2), leading to very high thermostability. Under normal circumstances standard ceramic fibres can be applied at temperatures up to 1260 °C.

Is ceramic wool flammable?

The fire resistance is the same as that of stone. Ceramic fiber blanket does not catch fire.

Is ceramic paper strong?

Standard Grade. Our Ceramic fiber paper standard grade is rated to 2300℉, has a tensile strength of 75-90 psi, and offers great cost performance.

Can ceramic fiber insulation get wet?

As for the effect of water on the insulation material, certain materials are more resistant to wetting compared to others. Both rockwool and ceramic fiber insulation, and to a lesser extent fiberglass, regain their insulation values after the water evaporates.

How do you install ceramic fiber insulation?

There are generally two common methods for the installation of ceramic fiber blanket. One is to glue the ceramic fiber blanket together. After cleaning the rust in the inner wall, fix the ceramic fiber blanket to the wall with binders. Then apply two layers of high temperature coatings.

What is ceramic insulation?

Ceramic insulation is also commonly called “high temp insulation wool” or “ceramic fiber blanket”. Ceramic insulation is commonly used in tube seals, furnace maintenance, high temperature gaskets, fabric expansion joints, and industrial insulation blankets.

What are the different grades of ceramic fiber insulation?

Ceramic Fiber boards provide a rigid solution for ceramic fiber insulation. The boards are manufactured through a wet forming process using alumina-silica fibers and binders. Standard board grades are standard, high purity, and zirconia. Boards are available in a variety of temperature ratings, dimensions, and custom vacuum-formed shapes.

What are the materials used to make a ceramic fiber insulation board?

Ceramic Fiber boards provide a rigid solution for ceramic fiber insulation. Our Ceramic Insulation Boards are manufactured through a wet forming process using alumina-silica fibers and binders.

What type of insulation sheets are used for furnaces?

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Sheets for Furnaces The most common of our flexible high-temperature sheets, these are used to insulate furnaces.