What is curarized muscle?

cu·ra·ri·za·tion. (kyū-rah’ri-zā’shŭn), Induction of muscular relaxation or paralysis by the administration of curare or related compounds that have the ability to block nerve impulse transmission at the myoneural junction.

What is a Rizer?

1 : one that rises (as from sleep) 2 : the upright member between two stair treads. 3 : a stage platform on which performers are placed for greater visibility. 4 : a vertical pipe (as for water or gas) or a vertical portion of an electric wiring system.

What is Precurarization?

These include precurarization, whereby a small dose of a non-depolarizing NMBD is given 2–3 min before the administration of succinylcholine (e.g. atracurium 2.5 mg). This technique reduces the potency of succinylcholine, requiring a larger dose to produce the same effect.

How do you read the train of four?

Train of Four (TOF) Interpretation: A presence of 4th twitch = 0-5% paralysis, 3rd twitch = 65-75% paralysis, 2nd twitch = 85% paralysis, 1st twitch = 95% paralysis, 0 twitch = 100% paralysis. Objective: Post-operative muscle relaxant occurs even with intermediate-acting NDMR agents.

What is a fire riser?

Zurn Model FEZR in building Fire Commercial Risers are vertically mounted assemblies designed to connect a water supply line to a fire sprinkler system. Each unit consists of a Test and Drain Valve, a Water Flow Detector Switch, and a Pressure Gauge.

What is Benzylisoquinolinium?

The benzyl isoquinolinium compounds include atracurium, cis-atracurium, doxacurium, and mivacurium. Atracurium is intermediate acting, with minimal cardiovascular effects.

How do you stop Fasciculations?

Succinylcholine-induced fasciculation may best be prevented with muscle relaxants, lidocaine, or magnesium. Myalgia may best be prevented with muscle relaxants, lidocaine, or nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs. The risk of potentially serious adverse events with muscle relaxants is not negligible.

Who invented train of four?

In 1970, Ali et al. developed and published the technique of Train of Four (TOF) monitoring (Ali HH, 1970). TOF pattern was developed for assessing neuromuscular block in the anesthetized patient.

What is fire standpipe?

Standpipe systems consist of piping and hose connections installed throughout a building to provide reliable water for the manual suppression of a fire by either the fire department or trained personnel.