What is Cyrus Linux?

Cyrus SASL is an implementation of SASL that makes it easy for application developers to integrate authentication mechanisms into their application in a generic way. The latest stable version of Cyrus SASL is 2.1.

Where does Dovecot store mail?

Maildir mails are almost always stored in ~/Maildir/ directory, which contains cur/, new/ and tmp/ subdirectories. In maildir each mail is stored in a separate file, while with the mbox format one file contains all mails in the mailbox. Files in /var/mail/ are nearly always mbox files, one for each user.

Where is SASL used?

SASL enables the developer to code to a generic API. This approach avoids dependencies on specific mechanisms. SASL is particularly appropriate for applications that use the IMAP, SMTP, ACAP, and LDAP protocols, as these protocols all support SASL.

What does SASL stand for?

Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is an authentication layer used in Internet protocols. SASL is not a protocol, but rather a framework that provides developers of applications and shared libraries with mechanisms for authentication, data integrity–checking, and encryption.

How do I open a Dovecot file?

Configure Dovecot

  1. Use the following command to open the file in nano : $ sudo nano /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf.
  2. Uncomment the following lines in the file and, if necessary, change them to reflect your plans for the environment: protocols = imap pop3 mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir.

What is Dovecot sieve?

The Dovecot Sieve plugin provides mail filtering facilities at time of final message delivery using the Sieve (RFC 5228) language. By writing Sieve scripts, users can customize how messages are delivered, e.g. whether they are forwarded or stored in special folders.

What ports does Dovecot use?

143 (default IMAP) 993 (SSL/TLS IMAP) 995 (SSL/TLS POP3)

What is a courier mail server?

The Courier mail server can function as an intermediate mail relay, relaying mail between an internal LAN and the Internet, or perform final delivery to mailboxes. The Courier mail server uses maildirs as its native mail storage format, but it can also deliver mail to legacy mailbox files as well.

Does the Courier Mail Server support maildrop?

The Courier mail server supports Maildirs natively. The Courier mail server can use the maildrop mail filter as a local mail delivery agent. maildrop is optional, but, if used, The Courier mail server will take advantage of certain maildrop-specific features which optimize local mail delivery.

Where can I find the configuration files for the couriermail server?

For example, the Red Hat RPM package for the Couriermail server relocates the configuration files to /etc/courier, the manual pages to /usr/man, and the mail queue to /var/spool/courier. Mailing lists The Couriermail server can implement both sendmail and qmail-style address aliases.

What extensions does the couriermail server support?

ESMTP extensions The Couriermail server implements AUTH, PIPELINING, DSN, SIZE, and 8BITMIMEextensions to SMTP. The Couriermail server also includes a reference implementation of the experimental XVERPand XEXDATAextensions.