What is entity type configuration?

Allows configuration to be performed for an entity type in a model. An EntityTypeConfiguration can be obtained via the Entity method on DbModelBuilder or a custom type derived from EntityTypeConfiguration can be registered via the Configurations property on DbModelBuilder.

How do I configure Entity Framework?

In this tutorial, you:

  1. Create an MVC web app.
  2. Set up the site style.
  3. Install Entity Framework 6.
  4. Create the data model.
  5. Create the database context.
  6. Initialize DB with test data.
  7. Set up EF 6 to use LocalDB.
  8. Create controller and views.

What is an owned entity type?

The entity containing an owned entity type is its owner. Owned entities are essentially a part of the owner and cannot exist without it, they are conceptually similar to aggregates. This means that the owned entity is by definition on the dependent side of the relationship with the owner.

What is Entity Framework Core?

Entity Framework (EF) Core is a lightweight, extensible, open source and cross-platform version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology. EF Core can serve as an object-relational mapper (O/RM), which: Enables . NET developers to work with a database using . NET objects.

What is difference between Entity Framework and MVC?

MVC is framework mainly concentrates on how you deliver a webpage from server to client. Entity framework is an object relational mapper which helps you to abstract different types of databases (MSSQL,MySQL etc) and helps querying objects instead of having sql strings in our project.

What is the difference between Entity Framework and .NET Core?

Entity Framework Core is an object-database mapper (and a successor to Entity Framework). . NET Core is a cross-platform software framework developed by Microsoft (and a successor to . NET Framework).

What is code based configuration?

Configuration for an Entity Framework application can be specified in a config file (app. config/web. config) or through code. The latter is known as code-based configuration. Configuration in a config file is described in a separate article.

What are complex types in Entity Framework?

The Complex types are non-scalar properties of entity types that enable scalar properties to be organized within entities. ComplexType doesn’t have keys and therefore cannot exist independently. It can only exist as properties of entity types or other complex types.

What is ModelBuilder entity?

The ModelBuilder is the class which is responsible for building the Model. The ModelBuilder builds the initial model from the entity classes that have DbSet Property in the context class, that we derive from the DbContext class. It then uses the conventions to create primary keys, Foreign keys, relationships etc.