What is health and community studies?

The Public Health & Community Studies BA (Hons) degree has been designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to excel in a multidisciplinary community environment and to effectively support a variety of agencies, communities and individuals in promoting health and wellbeing.

What is bachelor of science in community health?

A Bachelor’s degree in Community Health expands your knowledge of health-related fields and prepares you to serve diverse populations. You’ll have the opportunity to tailor your coursework by choosing from concentrations in Gerontology, Human Services, Public Health, Women’s Health and Healthcare Business.

What can I do with a Bachelors of Science in health?

Health Science Careers

  • Behavior analyst.
  • Community health or public health worker.
  • Doctor.
  • Hearing aid specialist.
  • Health educator.
  • Mental health counselor.
  • Patient care advocate.
  • Pharmacy sales representative.

What jobs can I get with a degree in health and social care?

What can I do with a Health and Social Care degree?

  • Adult Nurse.
  • Care Worker.
  • Community Development Worker.
  • Counsellor.
  • Health Promotion Specialist.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Social Worker.
  • Youth Worker.

What jobs can I do with health and Social Care Level 3?

At level 3, health and social jobs include more experienced care assistants, key workers, healthcare assistants and support workers. There is also a level 5 diploma for more experienced care workers looking to go into management roles.

Where can I work with a community health and development degree?

This program is designed to prepare graduates for work in:

  • Community-based and human rights organizations.
  • Health agencies.
  • Family planning clinics.
  • Mental health centers.
  • Homeless shelters.
  • Research and development centers.
  • National health department.
  • Hospital settings.

Do National Open University offer public health?

Compulsory courses required in O’levels are Mathematics, English Language, Biology or Health Science and Chemistry….Bachelor of Science in Public Health at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

Course Name Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Qualification Bachelor’s Degree

Why should I major in health sciences?

A health science major is for students interested in understanding the underlying cause of disease, analyzing human behavior and sparking change, and promoting wellness to improve health outcomes. It’s a good fit for a self-starter with strong analytical skills and natural leadership qualities.

Is health sciences a good career?

Studying the health sciences has a number of advantages. The people who pursue an undergraduate degree in this field will find that they are prepared to work in health administration, medical labs, and other medical fields. They also have excellent job prospects over other degree holders.

What subjects are health sciences?

Specialisations in health sciences include anatomy, physiology, pharmacy, radiography, neurophysiology, microbiology, epidemiology, immunology, others.

What can I do with a BSc Community Health degree?

B.Sc. Community Health graduates are capable of diagnosing and treating common health problems. They are also capable of carrying out first aid procedure. Community health graduates are not Doctors. But they are capable of providing initial care to seriously ill/injured patients. They play an important role in the healthcare sector.

What is the difference between BSC community health and BSc science?

B.Sc. stands for Bachelor of Science. It is a Bachelor’s Degree course. This course belongs to UG academic level. UG stands for undergraduate level. In short, B.Sc. Community Health is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. Students who have passed 12th Science with PCB subjects are eligible to pursue this course.

Can I do BSC community health after 12th science?

Students who have passed 12th Science stream with PCB subjects are eligible to apply for B.Sc. Community Health admission. Eligibility criteria may vary slightly from one college to another. If you want to build a decent career in allied healthcare sector, this program will be of help to you.

What study skills are included in the community health worker programme?

However there are generic study skills elements attached to the programme, along with Anatomy and Pathology modules which would suit both acute and community practice. Community Health Workers use strong interpersonal skills to improve access and early diagnosis in communities.