What is Keats Ward Medway hospital?

Keats Ward is a general medical ward specialising in stomach disorders at the hospital in Windmill Road, Gillingham. Health Kent Medway Nicola Jordan.

What wards are in Medway hospital?

Contacting our wards

Bronte Ward 01634 976400 01634 825088
Milton Ward 01634 833854 01634 833756
Nelson Ward 01634 833995 01634 974711 01634 974663
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 01634 825124
Ocelot Ward 01634 825352 01634 976911

How old is Medway Maritime Hospital?

Medway Maritime Hospital was originally a Royal Naval Hospital, opened by King Edward VII in 1905. The hospital cost £800,000 and boasted a main corridor of nearly 1000 feet in length.

What area does Medway Maritime Hospital cover?

Medway NHS Foundation Trust is a public benefit corporation authorised under the National Health Service Act 2006. It is a single-site hospital based in Gillingham, Medway Maritime Hospital, which serves a population of more than 424,000 across Medway and Swale.

What is same day emergency care?

Same day emergency care (SDEC) is one of the many ways the NHS is working to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time for patients. It aims to benefit both patients and the healthcare system by reducing waiting times and hospital admissions, where appropriate.

What is the biggest hospital in Kent?

Medway Maritime Hospital is a general hospital in Gillingham, England within the NHS South East Coast. It is run by Medway NHS Foundation Trust. It is Kent’s largest and busiest hospital, dealing with around 400,000 patients annually.

What is Medway hospital known for?

We provide clinical services to almost half a million patients a year, including more than 125,000 Emergency Department attendances, more than 88,000 admissions, more than 278,000 outpatients appointments and more than 5,000 babies born last year.

Do they do radiotherapy at Medway hospital?

Our cancer service is responsible for identifying the type (or types) of cancer a person may have and providing therapy and treatments as required, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Does Medway Hospital have an MRI scanner?

Services that we provide within our department are: MRI scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Nuclear Medicine Services. Fluoroscopy – real time x-ray imaging to show internal structures of the body.

What is SDEC Medway?