What is Marmite butter?

First up is Marmite Creamy Butter, an 100g roll of dairy butter infused with the classic taste of Marmite. ‘Sear your steak with it for the perfect salty sweet caramelisation, toss your roasties in it for a flawless crunchy coating or just make that jacket potato the best it’s ever been,’ the store suggests.

Do you put Marmite with butter?

Mix Marmite with butter (or another spread) to dilute the taste. One of the most common ingredients to combine with Marmite is butter, especially when the Marmite is being used as a spread. Butter’s rich, smooth taste pairs well with the strong, salty flavor of Marmite.

How long does Marmite butter last?

If you have just bought the butter then it is usually 4 to 6 weeks in the fridge, but about 1 week at room temperature (depending on how warm your kitchen is).

Where can you buy Marmite butter?

The three product additions will be available exclusively at M&S in over 400 stores. You can find your nearest one by using its store locator tool. April Preston, director of product development at M&S, said: “Partnering with an iconic and loved brand like Marmite is the stuff dreams are made of.

Is Marmite good for weight loss?

Scientists have discovered the secret to weight loss and regulating diet. Experts from the University of Sussex have found the presence of umami – which is known as the fifth taste sense – helps reduce appetite whilst also making food tasty.

Do you put butter on your toast with Marmite?

directions. Toast the bread slices to desired colour, I like mine well toasted. Butter whilst still hot, making sure it all melts into the toasted bread. Spread with marmite to taste, cut into triangles or fingers and enjoy with a cuppa tea!

Is peanut butter and Marmite good for you?

What’s more, Marmite Peanut Butter Crunchy is rich in B vitamins (including B12)! Marmite Peanut Butter Crunchy also contains no added sugar* and no palm oil – what more could you want from a breakfast spread?! Be sure to give it a good stir as the product contains peanut oil, which can naturally separate.

Is Marmite on toast a good breakfast?

Marmite is rich in B vitamins and has no added sugar. So, compared to some breakfast spreads like jam (or dare we say, Nutella) it is good for you. There are only 22 calories per serving in Marmite, so it’s definitely a low calorie spread option for toast.