What is media independent in networking?

Being media independent means that different types of PHY devices for connecting to different media (i.e. twisted pair, fiber optic, etc.) can be used without redesigning or replacing the MAC hardware. Thus any MAC may be used with any PHY, independent of the network signal transmission media.

What does Sgmii mean?

The Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface (SGMII) is a connection bus for Ethernet Media Access Controllers (MACs) and Physical Layer Devices (PHYs) defined by Cisco Systems. It replaces the classic 22-wire GMII connection with a low pin count, 4-pair, differential SGMII connection.

Why is IP media independent?

IP provides a connectionless delivery system. This means that every data packet that is sent across the network is treated as an independent unit. IP does not maintain the details of the connection between the server and the client. IP does not guarantee a reliable data transfer.

What is media independent handover in 5g?

Media Independent Handover (MIH) is a standard being developed by IEEE 802.21 to enable the handover of IP sessions from one layer 2 access technology to another, to achieve mobility of end user devices (MIH).

Is Mdio same as I2C?

MDIO – A short history For most pluggable optical transceivers the interface used for monitor and control is the I2C interface. Defined as part of MII in IEEE802. 3 clause45, MDIO can also be used in high speed optical transceivers like CFP, CFP2 or CFP4 instead of 100 Megabit.

Is Mdio open drain?

MDIO is open drain. Like you mentioned, during idle the line will go high to VDD. The level shifter above is a good choice.

Is IPv4 media dependent?

IP is media independent.

What is a media-independent interface?

Media-independent interface. The media-independent interface (MII) was originally defined as a standard interface to connect a Fast Ethernet (i.e., 100 Mbit/s) media access control (MAC) block to a PHY chip.

What is a media independent interface (MII)?

MII is the media independent interface, which is the Ethernet industry standard defined by ieee-802.3. It includes a data interface and a management interface between MAC and PHY (Figure 1). The data interface includes two independent channels for transmitter and receiver respectively. Each channel has its own data, clock and control signal.

What is RMII (reduced media-independent interface)?

Reduced media-independent interface (RMII) is a standard which was developed to reduce the number of signals required to connect a PHY to a MAC. Reducing pin count reduces cost and complexity for network hardware especially in the context of microcontrollers with built-in MAC, FPGAs, multiport switches or repeaters, and PC motherboard chipsets.

What is the Mii connector used for?

The MII can be used to connect a MAC to an external PHY using a pluggable connector, or directly to a PHY chip on the same PCB. On a PC the CNR connector Type B carries MII signals.