What is memcache in App Engine?

Memcache is one of the great service for designing high performance scalable applications on Appengine. Memcache basically provides you facility to cache your data in-memory, and it is super fast store and retrieve. One of the use case of memory cache is to speed up your database operation, so when… Database. 2 min …

Which is better Memcached or Redis?

Redis uses a single core and shows better performance than Memcached in storing small datasets when measured in terms of cores. Memcached implements a multi-threaded architecture by utilizing multiple cores. Therefore, for storing larger datasets, Memcached can perform better than Redis.

Does Google use memcached?

Google today announced the beta of Memorystore for Memcached, a new service that provides a fully managed in-memory datastore that is compatible with the open-source Memcached protocol. It will join Redis in the Memorystore family, which first launched in 2018.

Is memcached a service?

Memorystore for Memcached is a highly scalable, fully managed Memcached service for the Google Cloud. The service is built on open source Memcached and is binary and ASCII protocol compliant.

When should you not use Memcached?

Memcached is terrific! But not for every situation… You have objects larger than 1MB….4 Answers

  1. You have keys larger than 250 chars.
  2. Your hosting provider won’t let you run memcached.
  3. You’re running in an insecure environment.
  4. You want persistence.

How does Facebook use memcached?

Facebook used memcached as a building block to construct a distributed key-value store and scaled from a single cluster of memcached server to multiple geographically distributed clusters. Facebook uses memcached because it provides low latency access to a shared storage pool at low cost.

Is Memcached thread safe?

Memcached backend is not thread-safe.