What is MEPC resolution?

Guidelines related to Air Pollution prevention from ships

Resolution / Circular Title
MEPC.242(66) 2014 Guidelines in respect of the information to be submitted by an Administration to the organization covering the certification of an approved method as required under regulation 13.7.1 of MARPOL Annex VI

What is the purpose of MEPC?

MEPC, which consists of all Member States, is empowered to consider any matter within the scope of the Organization concerned with prevention and control of pollution from ships. In particular it is concerned with the adoption and amendment of conventions, other standards and measures to ensure their enforcement.

What is MEPC Marpol?

Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC)

What MEPC 74?

The 74th session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74) took place on 13-17 May at IMO headquarters in London, with key environmental subjects on its agenda, aimed at supporting the achievement of the objectives set out in the initial IMO strategy on reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions …

What is Eedi and Seemp?

Energy efficiency design index (EEDI) defines the energy efficiency of the ship by design. It is the ratio of CO2 the ship would emit per ton-mile of the work done by the ship. SEEMP is a ship specific plan that provides the ship specific measures that need to be implemented for energy efficient operations.

What is attained EEDI?

The attained EEDI is the actual calculated and verified EEDI value for an individual ship based on the data in the EEDI Technical File.

How often does MEPC meet?

The IMO MEPC convenes every nine months over a five-day period to discuss and come to a consensus about the most pressing matters in terms of marine environment protection.

What is EEDI for ships?

Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) The EEDI for new ships is the most important technical measure and aims at promoting the use of more energy efficient (less polluting) equipment and engines.

When did the Port State Control operational requirement come into force?

This regulation was adopted on 2nd October 1983 to control and prevent any oil discharge from ship intentionally or accidentally.

What is EEDI rating number?

Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), formulated for new ships, is an index that estimates grams of CO2 per transport work (g of CO2 per tonne-mile). It can be expressed as the ratio of “environmental cost” divided by “Benefit for Society”.

How can I reduce my EEDI?

3.1. The EEDI thresholds can be met by reducing the hull resistance, which reduces the power required for propulsion. One way to achieve this is to increase hull length, beam or both to reduce the block coefficient, enabling a slenderer design, keeping the vessel’s cargo-carrying capacity unchanged.