What is OCS in Louisiana?

The Louisiana Department of Social Services, Office of Community Services, is the designated State Services Agency for administration of the federal Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) to Louisiana.

How long does CPS have to investigate in Louisiana?

approximately 45 days
In most instances, Child Protective Services has approximately 45 days to investigate reports of neglect, dependency and abuse. If the investigation takes longer than 45 days the agency must promptly notify the family about the extension.

How do I report someone to OCS in Louisiana?


  1. Phone: 833-LA-CHILD (833-522-4453)
  2. Text: (225) 424-1533.

What is considered child neglect in Louisiana?

(18) “Neglect” means the refusal or unreasonable failure of a parent or caretaker to supply the child with necessary food, clothing, shelter, care, treatment, or counseling for any injury, illness, or condition of the child, as a result of which the child’s physical, mental, or emotional health and safety is …

Is child endangerment a felony in Louisiana?

Child endangerment is punished as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the case and state law.

Is Louisiana a mother State?

In the state of Louisiana, if a mother and father are not married when their child is born, the child does not have a legal father unless paternity is established. All kids deserve the right to know who their parents are and have access to all the benefits that come with establishing paternity.

What is classed as child neglect?

Neglect is the ongoing failure to meet a child’s basic needs and the most common form of child abuse2. A child might be left hungry or dirty, or without proper clothing, shelter, supervision or health care. This can put children and young people in danger.

What is passive neglect?

Passive neglect – the failure by a caregiver to provide a person with the necessities of life including, but not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, or medical care, because of failure to understand the person’s needs, lack of awareness of services to help meet needs, or lack of capacity to care for the person.