What is Paracale gold?

The Paracale Gold Mine is a underground mining operation. Initial production took place in 1933. Mine operations consist of underground workings. There is one known shaft. Subsurface depth reaches a maximum of 440 meters (1,444 feet).

What is paracale known for?

Paracale is a small town located in the east coast of the Camarines Norte province. Famed for gold mining, this sleepy town is slowly being known in the tourism industry as more travelers discover its beauty.

What is the gold district of Camarines Norte?

Paracale District
The Paracale District, Camarines Norte, Philippines, is noted for its production of gold and iron.

What are the 27 barangays of Paracale Camarines Norte?

Paracale is politically subdivided into 27 barangays.

  • Awitan.
  • Bagumbayan.
  • Bakal.
  • Batobalani.
  • Calaburnay.
  • Capacuan.
  • Casalugan.
  • Dagang.

Who is the mayor of Paracale Camarines Norte?

Category Third Class Municipality 2015-2021
Region REGION V (Bicol Region) Camarines Norte
Mayor ROMEO Y. MORENO 59,149
Website NDA
Address NDA Tel: NDA

What is the capital of Camarines Norte?


Camarines Norte
Capital and largest municipality Daet
• Governor Edgardo A. Tallado (PDP–Laban)
• Vice Governor Joseph Christopher M. Panotes (Acting)

What is the richest region in the Philippines?

Cebu headed the ranking of the wealthiest provinces in the Philippines with assets worth approximately 213.01 billion Philippine pesos in 2020. The province of Cebu is also the largest in terms of population and most developed location in the Philippines.

What is the main product of Camarines Norte?

Camarines Norte is an agricultural province. Coconut, rice, pili nuts, and pineapple are the main products.