What is pink lady medicine used for?

In medicine, pink lady is a term used for a combination of medications used to treat gastroesophageal reflux or gastritis. It usually consists of an antacid and the anaesthetic lidocaine. Some variants contain an anticholinergic. The name of the preparation comes from its colour – pink.

Can you get a prescription for pink lady?

Pink Lady is not commercially available in Canada and must be prescribed by a doctor, so you have to get your prescription to a compounding pharmacy and they will make it and deliver it to you if you wish.

What is a GI cocktail side effects?

You may have some side effects from the antacids in GI cocktails, including: Constipation. Diarrhea. Stomach cramps.

Is dyspepsia an indigestion?

Indigestion — also called dyspepsia or an upset stomach — is discomfort in your upper abdomen. Indigestion describes certain symptoms, such as abdominal pain and a feeling of fullness soon after you start eating, rather than a specific disease. Indigestion can also be a symptom of various digestive diseases.

What is a GI cocktail for heartburn?

A GI cocktail consists of 3 different ingredients — an antacid, viscous lidocaine, and an anticholinergic called Donnatal. It’s used to treat indigestion and associated symptoms in hospital and emergency room settings.

How long does GI cocktail last?

GI Cocktail or Gastric Cocktail Give and observe the patient for about 15 minutes. If the patient responds to it, you know the source of their pain is the stomach. This is helpful because GERD or ulcer pain can mimic MI pain.

Does GI cocktail make you sleepy?

Possible side effects of viscous lidocaine (Xylocaine Viscous) include: dizziness. drowsiness.

What’s indigestion like?

When you have indigestion, you may have one or more of the following symptoms: pain, a burning feeling, or discomfort in your upper abdomen. feeling full too soon while eating a meal. feeling uncomfortably full after eating a meal.