What is Sky x technology?

 The Sky X technology replaces TCP over satellite link with a protocol optimized for the high loss and bandwidth conditions of the typical satellite communication.

What is Sky X Technology Wiki?

The Alenia Aeronautica Sky-X is a self-financed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for demonstration and research purpose; on May 29, 2005, it became the first European-designed UAV in the over 1000 kg category to fly with success. Sky-X.

What is Sky X gateway?

The Sky X Gateway is a hardware solution designed for easy installation into any satellite network and provides performance enhancement for all devices on the network. The Sky X Client/Server provides performance enhancement to individual PC’s.

What is 3D Internet?

3D Internet is the next generation after the stream 2d internet. 3D Internet includes interconnected services, displayed as virtual worlds. The objective of 3D Internet is to pass interactive real-time 3D graphics over the internet. It is also a provocation of a 2D webpage in real-life graphics.

What are the 6 functions TCP performs?

TCP performs the following actions:

  • determines how to break application data into packets that networks can deliver;
  • sends packets to, and accepts packets from, the network layer;
  • manages flow control;
  • handles retransmission of dropped or garbled packets, as it’s meant to provide error-free data transmission; and.

How does 3D technology work?

Various 3D media all work by giving the illusion of depth by presenting offset images separately to each eye. The human brain then combines these images to form a 3D image.

What technology is used in 3D Internet?

3D Internet works by using available virtual platforms e.g. Second Life. It uses artificial intelligence, 3d eyewear, implements 6th sense technology and uses sensors and holographic image projections. 3D internet can be used in all walks of life.

What are the 3 main jobs of TCP?

Three of the answers define functions of TCP: error recovery, flow control, and segmentation. The correct answer defines a function not done by TCP nor UDP, but instead done by application layer protocols.

What is IP function?

The purpose of an IP address is to handle the connection between devices that send and receive information across a network. The IP address uniquely identifies every device on the internet; without one, there’s no way to contact them.