What is subthreshold region in MOSFET?

Subthreshold region is where the transistor operation around the threshold voltage. i.e. a bit below threshold voltage. Working at this region is useful for systems that should work at low voltages around 1V.

What is off state leakage current?

The off-state leakage current can be divided into three components: the gate leakage current, the source leakage current, and the substrate leakage current. The influences of the fringing-induced barrier lowering effect and the drain-induced barrier lowering effect on each component are investigated separately.

What causes subthreshold leakage?

Subthreshold leakage current is mainly due to drain-induced barrier lowering or DIBL. In short channel devices, the depletion region of drain and source interact with each other and reduce the potential barrier at the source.

What does subthreshold mean?

inadequate to produce a response
Definition of subthreshold : inadequate to produce a response subthreshold dosage a subthreshold stimulus.

What is a subthreshold stimulus?

Sub-threshold (or subthreshold) refers to a stimulus that is too small in magnitude to produce an action potential in excitable cells. In general, a sub-threshold stimulus leads to the depolarization of the membrane, but the magnitude of the depolarization is not large enough to reach the threshold voltage.

How do you find the leakage current?

Any imbalance current comes from leakage from the conductors to ground or elsewhere. To measure this current, a leakage clamp meter should be able to read less than 0.1 mA. If you conducted an insulation test on a circuit that was powered down, the result would be in the region of 50 MW or more.

What is a subthreshold?

Definition of subthreshold : inadequate to produce a response subthreshold dosage a subthreshold stimulus.

What is subthreshold stimulus?

What are subthreshold symptoms?

Subthreshold symptoms were defined for depressive, anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive, drug, and alcohol symptoms.

What is subthreshold and Suprathreshold?

If you drop a pebble in a lake to create one wave, that’s like your threshold stimulus. If you drop a heavy rock, you could get several ripples and that’s like a suprathreshold stimulus. Another Analogy: If something tickles your nose but it’s not enough to make you sneeze, that’s a subthreshold stimulus.