What is the 14 day weather forecast for Gatlinburg Tennessee?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

Conditions Precipitation
Day Temperature Chance
Fri May 20 92 / 66 °F 1%
Sat May 21 92 / 65 °F 14%
Sun May 22 85 / 57 °F 51%

What is the 14 day weather forecast for Pigeon Forge Tennessee?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA

Day Temperature Weather
Fri May 27 76 / 58 °F Afternoon clouds.
Sat May 28 82 / 61 °F Mostly sunny.
Sun May 29 85 / 67 °F Isolated tstorms late. Afternoon clouds.

What is the rainiest month in Gatlinburg Tennessee?

Rain falls throughout the year in Gatlinburg. The month with the most rain in Gatlinburg is December, with an average rainfall of 4.1 inches. The month with the least rain in Gatlinburg is October, with an average rainfall of 2.7 inches.

What does the weather look like in Gatlinburg Tennessee?

Partly cloudy skies this afternoon. High around 85F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

What is the 15 day forecast for Pigeon Forge Tennessee?

Day High Temp.
Sun, May 15 Showers late. Increasing cloudiness. Warm. 78°F
Mon, May 16 Isolated tstorms. Scattered clouds. Mild. 76°F
Tue, May 17 Increasing cloudiness. Pleasantly warm. 79°F
Wed, May 18 Increasing cloudiness. Warm. 86°F

How far is Gatlinburg Tennessee to Pigeon Forge Tennessee?

You may be wondering how far is Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge, and the answer is about 15 minutes, depending on traffic. If traffic is heavy during popular months, it could take you longer to get to either city. The distance is about 7.5 miles from one city to the other, depending on where you start at in either city.

Does Sugar mountain have snow now?

Our Snow Report for Sugar Mountain brings daily updates on the snow conditions, snow depths, piste and offpiste conditions and the number of open ski lifts….Resort report:

Piste conditions: Tell us
Next snowfall: 0.4 in Wed 20 Apr (PM)
Next significant snowfall: No significant snow is forecast
Lifts open:
Resort runs:

How many inches of snow did Gatlinburg get?

around 9 inches
Gatlinburg, TN sits at an elevation of 1,280 feet and gets around 9 inches of snow annually. For comparison, Newfound Gap in the national park rests at an elevation of 5,049″ and receives 69 inches of snow every year.

What’s the best time to go to Gatlinburg Tennessee?

The best time to visit Gatlinburg is between September and October. The two peak seasons in Gatlinburg are summer (June, July and August) and the month of October, when the fall foliage is at its zenith. July is the busiest month of the summer season, while weekends in October draw the largest crowds in the fall.