What is the attendance at Target Field?

Seating capacity at Target Field from 2019-2021 is 38,544 (based on Twins media guides). Target Field capacity at opening in 2010 was 39,504. Target Field record high attendance is 41,378 on July 2, 2011 versus Milwaukee. Target Field record low attendance is 11,465 on April 17, 2019 versus Toronto.

What is the average attendance at a MLB game?

The statistic depicts the average attendance at Major League Baseball games from 2009 to 2021. In the 2021 season, the average attendance at the games in Major League Baseball was 18,900.

How many fans does Target Field allow?

Target Field will operate at 60 percent capacity during the rest of May, which will allow the club to more than double the number of fans that have been let in the stadium. At 60 percent capacity, the Twins will be able to host around 23,700 fans. Tickets will still be sold in pods of two or four.

What is the lowest attendance at a MLB game?

The least attended game does not include games where stadia were closed by governmental authority. The record was set on September 28, 1882, in game between the Troy Trojans and the Worcesters in Worcester, Massachusetts, which some reports had only six spectators attend.

Is Target Field at full capacity?

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – Crowds at Target Field are officially back at full strength. The Minnesota Twins returned to 100% capacity at games, without COVID restrictions, beginning with Monday’s game against the Chicago White Sox.

Which Major League Baseball team draws the most fans?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the biggest sporting leagues in the United States and its most valuable team, the New York Yankees, are also the most-followed MLB team on Facebook with more than 8.52 million followers as of February 2022.

What is the average attendance at a NHL game?

Average NHL Attendance by Season The drop from 17,157 in 2019-20 to 15,780 in 2021-22 should not be surprising, as the pandemic is still surely impacting the willingness of fans to attend sporting events.

What is the seating at Target Field?

Target Field features spectacular views of the Minneapolis skyline and superior sight lines from every seat. The total seating is approximately 40,000 with nearly half of all seats in the lower bowl. Target Field features one of the closest seating bowls to the playing field in all of Major League Baseball.

What are the field dimensions of Target Field?

Check out the field map here to look at the huge proportion of lower-level seats available for fans. Target Field’s field dimensions are very “middle of the road” compared to other MLB parks. With an 8” outfield wall, the current dimensions of the stadium are 339 ft. down the left-field line, 404 in centerfield, and 328 down the right-field line.

What are the dimensions of Target Field at Busch Stadium?

Target Field features a 360-degree open main concourse giving fans an uninterrupted view of the playing field. The dimensions for the ballpark are 339’ to left; 377’ to left field power alley; 404’ to center; 367’ to right field power alley; and 328’ to right.

What is Target Field known for?

It is the home ballpark of the Minnesota Twins, the state’s Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise. It is named after the Minneapolis-based retailer Target Corporation. It was home of the MLB All-Star game in 2014.