What is the basic hand gesture for kathak?

A Mudra is a symbolic hand gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist iconography, performing arts, and spiritual practice, including yoga, dance, drama and tantra. Hand mudras (hasta mudra) are an important of Kathak and many other Indian classical dances.

What is the meaning of Mayura Mudra?

5. Mayura – Mayura means “Peacock”. In this mudra the ring finger and the tip of the thumb touch each other while the other fingers are held straight without any gap.

What is Kartarimukha Mudra?

Kartarimukha Mudra is done when the little finger and the ring finger is bent and pressed against the thumb. While the index finger and the Middle finger is stretched to show a scissor.

What is Samyuta?

Samyukta, also known as Sanyogita or Sanjukta, was the daughter of Jaichand, the King of Kannauj, and one of three wives of Prithviraj Chauhan. The love between Prithviraj and Samyukta is one of India’s most popular medieval romances, composed by Chand Bardai’s in Prithviraj Raso. Samyukta.

How many Asamyukta are there?

Asamyukta hastas are done using single hand. The Natyshastra mentions about 28 Mudras ie upto Trishula Mudra. There are four new mudra added to this list ie Kataka, Vyagraha, Ardhasuchi and Palli.

How can we see moon in Kathak?


  1. Hold the thumb finger apart and all of the other fingers are straight and together. It’s similar to the Pataka gesture, except for the thumb finger.
  2. Dancers can use it to show crescent moon, ornament etc.

What is Taal in Kathak?

The place of rhythm in music is very important. “Taal: Kaal Kriya Manam” Taal is a musical meter i.e. any rhythmic beat or strike that measures musical time(pace between two beats). Just as a meter is used to measure clothes, a litre is used to measure liquid, similarly the time taken in music is called Taal.

What is the meaning of Katakamukha?

Katakaamukha means “Opening in a Bracelet”. Its done by bringing together the index finger, middle finger and thumb. The ring finger and the little finger are raised at angles as shown.

What is the use of Ardhapataka Mudra?

ARDHA PARIGHASANA WITH ARDHA PATAKA MUDRA This pose symbolizes your ability to bridge differences and distances and links the spiritual to the material.

What is Anjali hasta in Bharatanatyam?

The Anjali mudra is kept above the head to offer salutations to the God. It is kept in front of the face to offer respects to the Teachers and Elders. It is kept in front of the chest to offer pranams to the twice -born or the Brahmin’s. Return to Samyukta hasta.