What is the best felt for a pool table?

Top Rated: The Best Pool Table Felt for Your Pool Table

  • #1: Editor’s Choice and Favorite: Simonis Worsted Blend 860 Fast Speed Pool Cloth.
  • #2: Runner Up on Best Choice: ProForm 8′ High Speed Professional Pool Table Cloth Felt.
  • #3: Best Budget Buy: Accuplay 20 oz Pre Cut Pool Table Felt – Billiard Cloth.

Which Simonis cloth is the fastest?

Simonis 760™
Simonis 760™ is the fastest Simonis cloth for pool tables and can also be found snooker tables when the players want to play ‘golf’ and where a color other than English green or yellow green is desired. It is a 70% wool / 30% nylon blend that is sometimes used for Competitive Pool Tournament Play.

How long does pool table felt last?

about 3 years
How long will my felt last? If the pool table is used daily for four to six hours you can expect your billiard cloth to last about 3 years. Most people, however, will choose to change the cloth color long before it is worn out.

What is the difference between pool table felt and regular felt?

The nylon/wool blend gave the billiard felt more stretch for a tighter installation and overall it was more durable and played faster than the obsolete woolen felt. Up until the 1980’s, the game of choice was 14.1 straight pool which required a great deal of cue ball control and finesse.

How much does it cost to get new felt on a pool table?

It costs $300 on average to refelt a pool table, with a typical price range of $250 to $300. You may pay as little as $150 or as much as $500. Pool tables come in three sizes, and size affects the price. The cost of pool table refelting is fairly evenly split between materials and labor.

What’s the difference between Simonis 860 and 760?

While the 760 is made with 70% worsted wool and 30% nylon, the 860 uses 90% wool and 10% nylon. The difference between the two is this: the 760 is much faster than the 860. It stays fast for its entire life, while the 860 sometimes drops in pace a little over time.

How long does Simonis cloth last?

All cloth will show wear. If you and your condo fellows want “perfect” cloth…don’t play on it! LOL Just kidding…the cloth in the pool room gets a lot more play than 25 hours a week. Nonetheless, all cloth should last at least a year or more…

What kind of felt is on a Diamond pool table?

Simonis is the truest playing cloth. This means that it will provide the best play possible on any table. The balls do not touch the slate or the rubber, they only touch the cloth, therefore the cloth is one of the most functional aspects of the table and of the game.