What is the best looking website in the world?

The Lusion website by creative studio Lusion Ltd is the Webby Awards 2020 winner of the best aesthetic visual design, awarded to sites that are aesthetically emotional and beautiful. The site features stunning graphics and effects that attract users’ attention.

What is a cool website?

Cool And Useful Websites

  • 100,000 Stars. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on the web.
  • Smithsonian.
  • The Toast.
  • How Stuff Works.
  • WiKi How.
  • Ancient History Encyclopedia.
  • Justwatch.
  • This American Life.

What are the best social media sites like Facebook?

Next one in the list of social sites like Facebook is Twitter which was launched in 2006. I am sure you would have already using it from a really long time and it is hands down the most interactive and open space for the people who wants to share their opinion and thoughts to the world.

What are the best websites to read similar stories?

And Not Always Right is the website where you can read similar stories from other people. Some of the stories on the website are quite hilarious, some are examples of really impressive comebacks, and some are a little horrifying. However, it’s a good collection of stories that prove the customer is not always right.

What are some cool websites to look at when you’re bored?

22 Cool Websites to Look at When You’re Bored 1 Bored Panda. 2 Brain Pickings. 3 TED. 4 Laughing Squid. 5 Vsauce. 6 Oddee. 7 Mental Floss. 8 College Humor. 9 The Useless Web. 10 Giphy.

What are the best websites to learn online?

Vsauce is one of the few websites on the internet which makes learning fun and interesting. Whenever you have a little downtime and looking for ways to pass it, just head over to the website to learn interesting things and concepts such as the infinite money paradox, the game you win by losing, the napkin ring problem, and more.