What is the botanical name of mango?

Mangifera indicaMangifera indica / Scientific name
Mangifera indica (MI), also known as mango, aam, it has been an important herb in the Ayurvedic and indigenous medical systems for over 4000 years. Mangoes belong to genus Mangifera which consists of about 30 species of tropical fruiting trees in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae.

What are the common names for mango?

International Common Names

  • English: edible mango; Indian mango.
  • Spanish: mango.
  • French: mangot; manguier.
  • Arabic: amba; manga.
  • Portuguese: mangueira.

What is Malda mango called?

Lakshmanbhog Mangoes – Malda, West Bengal Exclusively grown in the Malda district of West Bengal, Lakshmanbhog mangoes are usually available in the months of June and July.

Is Sindoori a type of mango?

Distinct in its appearance with pleasing reds and greens among the golden skin, the “Sindhoora” variety is popular in Tamil Nadu and is easily one of the most affordable varieties of the fruit. In fact, the “Sindhoora’ is also called ‘honey’ mango owing to its super sweet nature.

What is a group of mango trees called?

Answer: A group of mangoes is called​ ‘Grove’

What are the parts of mango flower?

The flowers are radially symmetrical, and usually have 5 petals, streaked with red. There is usually only 1 fertile stamen per flower; the 4 other stamens are sterile. The flower has a conspicuous 5-lobed disk between the petals and stamens (Figure 7).

Which type of plant is mango?

The term mango refers to the plant Mangifera indica as well as to its fruit. The plant, which is a member of the family Anacardiaceae, is an evergreen tree. Its fruit varies in appearance and is one of the most important and widely cultivated fruits of the tropical world.

What is mango Badami?

Category: Mango. Badami is one of a number of delicious mangoes grown in India. It is slightly earlier than the sort-after Alphonse mango due to its more southerly production but is attractive as a fresh variety. The fruit has pale yellow, thin skin through which it is easy to detect the softness of the flesh.

What is Safeda mango called in English?

Fresho Mango – Safeda/Badam. Safeda mangoes are predominantly sweet and slightly sour. They are also called Banganapalli in the South.

Is Alphonso and Badami same?

Badami is one mango variety which has an abundance of nutrients and is known as the Alphonso of Karnataka. It has a very thin bright golden yellow colour skin with a tinge of red on the top of the fruit. Alphonso, the king of mangoes, is native to Maharashtra but is also grown in Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Which mango is queen of mango?

The ‘Sindhri’ mango is a mango cultivar grown in Sindhri, a town in Sindh, and other areas of Sindh province in Pakistan. It is a large oval shaped mango which is extremely sweet and aromatic. It is considered the Queen of Mangoes because of its taste.

What is the phylum of mango?

Vascular plantMangifera indica / Phylum