What is the function of a magnetic pickup?

Magnetic pick-up sensors are mounted at the diesel engine flywheel. It is used to measure the engine RPM for use by the speed switch in an automatic overspeed protection system. The magnetic pickup senses a sudden change in the magnetic field caused by a metal protrusion of the metal teeth on the engine flywheel.

What is the output of magnetic pickup?

The NPN O.C. output is current limited to 40 mA. The unit is epoxy-encapsulated in a 3/4″ Dia.

What is the speed of magnetic pickup?

MAGNETIC PICKUP: high sensitivity, standard reach This standard magnetic pickup has a high sensitivity which makes it good for mid- speed (300 to 500 rpm), large gear (>12 inch diam.) applications. It has a standard reach (2.250 inches) and a 5/8-18 inch thread.

What is magnetic pickup sensor?

Magnetic pickup (mpu) speed sensors convert the mechanical motion of an engine’s flywheel to an AC voltage without external power. It transmits a signal each time a flywheel gear tooth passes near the center pole piece to measure engine RPM.

How does a magnetic pickup distributor work?

Theory – How Does It Work? The magnetic pickup is actually a wire that is wound around a magnet to create a magnetic field. Whenever this field changes, due to another metal object coming into the field, a voltage is generated. MSD uses this voltage as a trigger sig- nal for the ignition control.

How do you install a magnetic pickup?

Magnetic Speed Pickup Installation: Insert the magnetic speed pickup into the hole and turn it until the magnetic speed pickup makes contact with the face of the gear. Wire leads should be twisted for their entire length from the magnetic speed sensor to the control unit.

What is speed pickup?

Speed pickups are maintenance-free devices for converting rotary motion into square wave signals. The drive shaft of the speed pickup is connected directly to the speed source (e.g. motor, generator) by means of a coupling. The speed is converted into a square wave signal using a signal amplifier.

How do you install magnetic pickup?

  1. If no mounting location is available, drill and tap a hole in the flywheel housing.
  2. Insert the magnetic speed pickup into the hole and turn it until the magnetic speed pickup makes contact with the face of the gear.
  3. Back out the magnetic pickup by turning it counter clockwise, about a 3/4 turn.

What are magnetic sensors used for?

Magnetic sensors are often used for security and military applications such as detection, discrimination and localization of ferromagnetic and conducting objects, navigation, position tracking and antitheft systems.

Why is it called a pickup coil?

A coil of wire doesn’t respond to a magnet field but rather to a change in magnetic flux through its ends. Such a coil is commonly called a pickup coil or a search coil.