What is the function of Pa and Pb in LTE?

There are two parameters in LTE Pa and Pb which define the power of the Reference Signals against the other symbols e.g. PDSCH Symbols. I will just explain with an example. If the Pa is -3 and Pb is 1, then that means that the Reference Signals will be having 3 dB higher power than the PDSCH symbols.

What are the key requirement in uplink power in LTE?

UE MAX POWER It cannot transmit more than its maximum UE power which is commonly 23 dBm for most LTE UEs in the Uplink. The objective of the eNOdeB is that UE should transmit only enough power in the uplink in a range which is the minimum required amount.

What affects LTE throughput?

LTE throughput depends on the following parameters: Bandwidth. Channel quality. Network load.

What is IP throughput in LTE?

In LTE these is 25% of overhead for Controlling and signalling like Reference Signal, PSS,SSS and PBCH etc. So the effective throughput will be 300 Mbps. The 300 Mbps number is for downlink and not valid for uplink. In uplink we have only one transmit chain at UE end so no MIMO benefits.

What is maximum bandwidth in LTE?

Each LTE band has a bandwidth of either 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 MHz, giving us a maximum bandwidth of 100 MHz with five combined. Although this will vary depending on the bandwidth available in your particular area.

What is iBLER and rBLER?

iBLER: Initial Block Error Rate. The ratio of data blocks with initial transmission errors to all initial transmission data blocks. rBLER: Residual Block Error Rate. The ratio of data blocks with transmission errors after initial transmissions and retransmissions to all initial transmission data blocks.

What is RSRP Power Boosting in LTE?

4G LTE RS RE Power (RSRP power) boosting depend on Pa/Pb parameters (3GPP 36.213 Table 5.2-1), but some vendors allow you to set PDSCH power offsets from RS RE manually. Found a mistake? Contact us! Was this information helpful?

How does the Wi-Fi Boost work?

The system also works in reverse, so the signal is boosted as it’s leaving your phone or hotspot and broadcast much more powerfully to the distant cell towers.

What is the best multi-carrier signal booster for 4G LTE?

If you need a multi-carrier signal booster that works no matter what the outside 4G LTE signal environment is and has the FCC maximum boosting power, then the SureCall Fusion5X 2.0 is the solution for you.

What is reference signal power boosting?

The transmit power of a resource element (RE) carrying such reference signal can be set to be the same as, greater than, or less than the transmit power of an RE carrying Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH). Let’s take a quick look at the reference signal power boosting, where the RS RE uses more power than the PDSCH RE.