What is the German word for party?

party → Partei, Teilnehmer, Party, Fest, Feier, Fete, Partie, Sause.

What is retro in German?

Translation of retro in German English. German. retro. Retro-; bewusst altmodisch.

How do people in Berlin celebrate birthdays?

Your Guide to Birthday Ideas in Berlin

  1. Choose from the best restaurants. Visit the renowned Restaurant Facil.
  2. Celebrate with a drink at the best bars. Drink on the rooftop at Klunkerkranich.
  3. Stop by the best places to shop for a gift. Buy the perfect perfume at Parfum Lehmann.

What is German word stag?

Wiktionary: stag → Hirsch, Hirschbock, Rothirsch.

What do we say festival in German?

How to say festival in German

festers festering
festered fester
festally festal
festival day festival of sacrifices
festive festive day

Is Stag masculine or feminine in German?

Masculine nouns include the Days (der Tag = the day), Months (der Januar), the Seasons (der Sommer) and male persons (der Bruder / der Onkel). Feminine nouns can often be recognised by the ending.

What is cupcake in German?

volume_up Cupcake {m} cupcake. Törtchen {n}

How do you spell Festival in French?

festival → fête, festival.

What is the gender of Essen?

Common neuter endings:

Ending German English
-ment das Appartement apartment
-nis das Erlebnis experience
-tel das Viertel quarter
verbs used as nouns das Essen food

What are the 3 genders in German?

There are 3 noun genders in German: masculine, feminine, and neuter.