What is the highest altitude an aircraft has ever flown?

123,523 ft
The official FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) altitude record is 37,650 m (123,523 ft), by Alexandr Fedotov (USSR) flying a highly modified MIG-25 ‘Foxbat’ (designated E266M) from Podmoskovnoe Aerodrome, Russia, on 31 August 1977.

How high can a MiG fly?

The maximum altitude reached by MiG-29 The MiG-29s service ceiling is 18,013 m (59,100 ft). We have been able to climb up to 23km during our stratosphere flights when it was still possible to fly at Mach 1.9.

How high can a bomber fly?

50,000 feet
The bomber is capable of flying at high subsonic speeds at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet (15,166.6 meters). It can carry nuclear or precision guided conventional ordnance with worldwide precision navigation capability.

Can a plane fly at 100000 feet?

A: No commercial or business airplane flying today can exceed 100,000 feet. Special rocket-powered airplanes can fly over 100,000 feet to gather data, but they are specially designed for it.

What are flight altitude records?

This listing of flight altitude records are the records set for the highest aeronautical flights conducted in the atmosphere, set since the age of ballooning . Some, but not all of the records were certified by the non-profit international aviation organization, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

What is the highest altitude ever reached in an aeroplane?

Indianapolis, Indiana, June 17, 1910. Walter Brookins, in a Wright biplane, broke the world’s aeroplane record for altitude today, when he soared to a height of 4,603 feet (1,403 m), according to the measurement of the altimeter. His motor stopped as he was descending, and he made a glide of 2 miles (3.2 km), landing easily in a wheat field.

What is the maximum altitude of a fixed wing aircraft?

Fixed-wing aircraft Year Date Altitude Altitude Aircraft 1977 August 31 123,520 ft 37,650 m Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-266M MiG-25 1995 August 4 60,897 ft 18,561 m Grob Strato 2C 2001 August 14 96,863 ft 29,524 m NASA Helios HP01 2004 October 4 367,490 ft 112,010 m SpaceShipOne

What is the highest altitude achieved by a propeller-driven UAV?

The highest altitude obtained by a piston-driven propeller UAV (without payload) is 67,028 feet (20,430 m). It was obtained during 1988–1989 by the Boeing Condor UAV.