What is the largest Hoberman Sphere?

The largest existing Hoberman sphere is in the AHHAA Science Center in Tartu, Estonia. Fully expanded, it is 5.9 metres (19 ft) in diameter. The motorized sphere weighs 340 kilograms (750 lb), is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, and continually oscillates between its compact and expanded states.

Who invented the Hoberman Sphere?

Chuck Hoberman
A curious hybrid of math professor and poet, Chuck Hoberman considers himself an accidental toy maker. ”I didn’t set out to make toys,” says Hoberman, a lanky 42-year-old known in the play business as the erudite inventor of the Hoberman Sphere, a collapsible, skeletal ball made of brightly colored plastic.

How do you use a breathing ball?

It is surprisingly simple and takes only three steps:

  1. Take yourself a few minutes of time.
  2. Sit down comfortably.
  3. Breathe in the rhythm of the Breath Ball: Inhale deeply into your belly while the ball gets bigger. Hold your breath while the ball keeps its size. And exhale while the ball gets smaller.

What is the breathing ball called?

the Hoberman Sphere
The best tool to help kids learn mindful breathing is the Breathing Ball. With an expandable ball, also known as the Hoberman Sphere, you can easily help kids learn to follow their breath – one of the key techniques of mindfulness practice. The ball has many names.

Who is Chuck Hoberman?

Chuck Hoberman (born 1956) is an artist, engineer, architect, and inventor of folding toys and structures, most notably the Hoberman sphere.

Who invented the switch pitch?

Here we take inspiration from a toy, and describe an initial symmetry investigation of a new type of deployable structure that was invented by Hoberman [1], and is now sold as the ‘Hoberman Switch-Pitch’ (http://hoberman.com/fold/Switchpitch/switchpitch.htm).

How often should you use an incentive spirometer?

By using the incentive spirometer every 1 to 2 hours, or as instructed by your provider, you can take an active role in your recovery and keep your lungs healthy. To use the spirometer: Sit up and hold the device. Place the mouthpiece spirometer in your mouth.