What is the main idea of Notes from Underground?

In his short 1864 book, Notes From Underground, Fyodor Dostoyevsky tells the story of a man who is “too conscious.” The man, whose name we never learn is so aware of his own thoughts and feelings as to cause him to be indecisive and overly self-critical.

Is Notes from Underground romanticism?

Notes itself is steeped in literary references and clichés, and reflects Dostoevsky’s disdain for the Western European ideals seeping into his country. Nowhere is this more clear than in the Underground Man’s discussion of romanticism.

What does the underground man think about human nature?

The underground man thinks of humans as foolish, irrational, cruel, and despicable creatures—including himself.

What is the tone of Notes from the Underground?

Many aspects of Notes from Underground–and especially, as Dostoevsky himself noticed, the tone–seem strange, sharp, and even bitter. To some extent, the bitterness of the novel is traceable to the many personal misfortunes Dostoevsky suffered while the novel was being written.

What kind of literature is the notes of the underground?

Philosophical fiction

Notes from Underground
Genre(s) Philosophical fiction, paranoid fiction
Publisher Epoch
Publication date January–April 1864
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What does the Underground Man say about the law of reason?

Rather than submit to the “law of reason” that dictates that only doctors and dentists can cure liver disease and toothaches, the Underground Man prefers to suffer his ailments in silence, even though this decision only brings him more pain. This example is absurd, almost parodic, but it emphasizes the Underground Man’s point about human nature.

How does the Underground Man feel about his European influences?

The Underground Man’s European influences are partially responsible for driving him “underground,” as his attempts to live by a foreign set of values meet with failure and frustration. Throughout the novel we see that the Underground Man is unable to make decisions or take action with confidence.

What are underground themes?

Notes from Underground Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. The Fallacies of Rationalism and Utopianism