What is the meaning of Apotamkin?

The Apotamkin (also spelled apotampkin) is a creature in Native American mythology. According to the mythology, it is a giant fanged sea monster that lives in the Passamaquoddy Bay and pulls people in to eat them, particularly careless children.

Who is the cold man?

Peter Murphy The Cold Man is portrayed by actor Peter Murphy. He originally auditioned for a role as one of the newborn army vampires.

How old is Alice in Twilight?

Alice Cullen
Biographical information
Born 1901; Biloxi, Mississippi
Changed 1920
Age when turned 19

Are there any Quileute legends about the Cold Ones?

There are no Quileute legends about “Cold Ones” or other vampires. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight” books, has stated that she made this fictional vampire legend up herself and only had her Quileute character tell it for the purposes of her plot. However, she did base other parts of her books on real Quileute Indian myths.

Are there any Quileute folktales online?

Native Languages of the Americas: Quileute Legends This is our collection of links to Quileute folktales and traditional stories that can be read online.

Is the Quileute a vampire tribe?

For example, it is true that according to legend the Quileute tribe is descended from wolves who were changed into men. Even the tribal name “Quileute” comes from their word for wolf, Kwoli. What about Apotamkin (or Apotampkin)? Is that really the name of a vampire in Quileute mythology?

How did Stephanie Meyer come up with the quileutte legend?

She simply needed to create random bits of Edward’s character and piece them together, cryptically, with mythical vampire folklore. Clever, though, how perhaps even without knowing it, Meyer has combined her own imagination of the Quileutte legend, with actual Native American vampire folklore!