What is the meaning of campus accommodation?

Rooms in a university or college halls of residence, occupied by students during term time and visitors during student holidays.

What is BCU famous for?

Rankings and reputation For health and social care, Birmingham City University was awarded national recognition as a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The university has an on-site virtual operating suite for health students, the first at a university in England.

Where do BCU students live?

Excellently located for Birmingham City and Aston University students, the areas of Eastside and Digbeth truly are student havens. A short walk from the Coach station, as well as Moor Street Station, Eastside and Digbeth are perfect for students looking for a unique area on the doorstep of the city centre buzz.

What is the difference between Birmingham City University and University of Birmingham?

These are two very different institutions. The University of Birmingham is a redbrick University whereas the BCU has developed from the old Birmingham Polytechnic. If you have a choice go to the University of Birmingham, it is several steps up from the BCU.

Is it better to stay in university accommodation?

Overall, it’s all about preference. If you’d rather be living in the middle of the city, with all its energy and excitement, private accommodation might be for you. If you’d like to be close to university buildings and campus, you might be better off living in university halls.

Do you have to stay in student accommodation?

Do you have to live in student accommodation? No, you can look for private accommodation or live at home if you’d prefer.

Why do students choose Birmingham City University?

Birmingham City University is based in the heart of the UK’s second-largest city, with all the social and professional opportunities that brings. We’ve transformed our courses to help make you more employable and we’ve transformed our campuses to provide the best possible learning environment.

Why should I choose BCU?

Industry Partnerships Many BCU courses offer work placements with leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sony and Cartier. Working alongside these companies enables the University to provide cutting edge course criteria and give students a unique first hand insight into some of the largest companies in the world.

Is Birmingham accommodation on campus?

Most of the Unilodgers Birmingham Uni accommodation are close to the campus so you are never-too-late for your morning lectures.

What is the rank of BCU in UK?

Ranking for Engineering Courses

Ranked By 2018 2022
The Complete University Guide – Civil Engineering Ranking NA 52
The Complete University Guide – Electrical & Electronic Engineering 66 55
The Complete University Guide – Mechanical Engineering Ranking 64 53
The Guardian – Civil Engineering NA 23

What is the rank of Birmingham City University in UK?

UK University Rankings 2022

Rank Name
81 Liverpool Hope University Enquire Now
82 Bishop Grosseteste University Enquire Now
83 University of Wales Trinity Saint David Enquire Now
83 Birmingham City University Enquire Now

Why choose BCU’s university accommodation?

There are pros and cons to all accommodation options, but staying in BCU’s university accommodation means your child will be safe, close to campus, able to make friends with flatmates, and get a taste for independent living. Our seven halls of residence are positioned throughout the city.

How to find student accommodation near Birmingham City University?

It becomes really important at this stage to look for student accommodation near Birmingham City University, because you want to be close enough to the university campus to cut down on commute. There are many online platforms that will allow you to filter and book accommodation close to your university, one of them being University Living.

Where should my child stay when applying to BCU?

If your child has applied for a place at BCU, they have a few options for accommodation: staying at home and commuting, staying in private housing, or university accommodation (also known as ‘halls’).

How many halls of residence does BCU have?

BCU has seven halls of residence, offering a range of on-campus and inner-city living, with various facilities and features including three-quarter beds, en suites and even gyms – meaning we have something for everyone.