What is the meaning of unprecedented success?

If you describe something as unprecedented, you are emphasizing that it is very great in quality, amount, or scale. [emphasis] Each home boasts an unprecedented level of quality throughout. The scheme has been hailed as an unprecedented success.

Whats the definition for unprecedented?

Definition of unprecedented : having no precedent : novel, unexampled.

What is an example of an unprecedented event?

Unprecedented definition Never before seen or done, without precedent. The definition of unprecedented is something that has not happened before. An example of unprecedented is the Olympic athlete taking home nine medals, setting a new record.

What does unprecedented in a sentence?

The team has enjoyed unprecedented success this year. This level of growth is unprecedented. An unprecedented number of students are taking the class.

What is unprecedented situation?

If something is unprecedented, it has never happened before.

Does unprecedented mean unexpected?

As adjectives the difference between unprecedented and unexpected. is that unprecedented is never before seen or done, without precedent while unexpected is not expected, anticipated or foreseen.

What can I say instead of unprecedented times?

21 email alternatives to “…in these unprecedented times”

  • Unparalleled.
  • Extraordinary.
  • Unrivaled.
  • Unmatched.
  • Remarkable.
  • Challenging.
  • Turbulent.
  • Trying.

What is an unprecedented situation?

What is the opposite of unprecedented?

Opposite of being very unique, typically unparalleled in nature. ordinary. common. normal. usual.

What can I say instead of unprecedented?


  • fresh,
  • new,
  • novel,
  • original,
  • strange,
  • unaccustomed,
  • unfamiliar,
  • unheard-of,

What are synonyms of unprecedented?

synonyms for unprecedented

  • bizarre.
  • extraordinary.
  • fantastic.
  • miraculous.
  • new.
  • remarkable.
  • singular.
  • uncommon.

Why is everyone using the word unprecedented?

It’s a word you hear world leaders use to assign some sort of meaning to what we are facing. Unprecedented is a euphemism. It’s a kinder way of saying, “We don’t really know what’s happening, but since we’re leaders, we can’t say that. We didn’t prepare for this because we couldn’t fully prepare for this.

What is an example of an unprecedented success?

Their unprecedented success has come despite hurdles that would have tripped up lesser acts. He has enjoyed unprecedented success as an investor over decades. He achieves unprecedented success, but at a catastrophic price. It was irreverent yet warmhearted, appealed to young and old and was an unprecedented success.

What is the meaning of unprecedented?

Kids Definition of unprecedented : not done or experienced before The event was unprecedented.

What is the meaning of attainment?

English Language Learners Definition of attainment. formal. : the state or condition of having gotten or done something difficult : the act of attaining something. : something that has been gotten, done, or achieved through effort.

What is the meaning of scientific attainments?

2 : something attained : accomplishment His scientific attainments are well known. She values educational attainment above all else. Her scientific attainments have made her quite well-known in the field of biology. Recent Examples on the Web The same period saw a vast increase in educational attainment.