What is the name of educational minister of Nepal?

Devendra Paudel
Devendra Paudel

Name Devendra Paudel
Designation Hon’ble Minister, Ministry Of Education, Science and Technology
Email [email protected]

Who is the first female education minister of Nepal?

Shailaja Acharya (Nepali: शैलजा आचार्य) (1944 – 12 June 2009) was a Nepali revolutionary, politician and diplomat.

Who is the latest education minister?

Latest News : Mr Dharmendra Pradhan, Honorable Minister of Education of India will receive th 14th February 2022 Mr Schönenberger Claudius, Professor in France who revolutionize the learning process of Indian History by the launching of Evnseries.com on last Diwali.

Who is the education minister of 2018?

The current education minister is Dharmendra Pradhan, a member of the Council of Ministers. India had the Ministry of Education since 1947.

Who is the present education minister of Nepal 2022?

“The new plan will come into implementation from fiscal year 2022-23,” Devendra Paudel, minister for education, told the Post. “It mainly aims at improving public education.” This is the third multi-year plan adopted since 2009 aimed at improving school education.

Who was the first Education prime minister of Nepal?

Former Ministers of Education

SN Name Party
1 Chitra Lekha Yadav Nepali Congress
2 Giriraj Mani Pokharel Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre)
3 Dhaniram Paudel Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre)
4 Gopal Man Shrestha Nepal Loktantrik Forum

Who is the home Minister name?

On 31 May 2019, following the swearing-in of the Second Modi Ministry Amit Shah assumed the office as its 31st occupant.

Who is the first education minister?

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
National Education Day (India) an annual observance in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first education minister of independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.

Who is the present education minister of Nepal 2077?

Krishna Gopal Shrestha
Nripa Jung Rana was the first education minister of Nepal….Education Ministers of Nepal.

Year (in B.S) Name of the Ministers
2077 Krishna Gopal Shrestha
2078 Devendra Paudel