What is the purpose of accessory drive?

Function The accessory drive is responsible for driving ancillary components such as the alternator, the power steering pump, the water pump or the air conditioning compressor.

What is an engine accessory drive?

The accessory drive is a gearbox that forms part of a gas turbine engine. Although not part of the engine’s core, it drives the accessories, fuel pumps, etc., that are otherwise essential for the operation of the engine or the aircraft on which it is mounted. Accessory drives on large engines handle between 400–500 hp.

What is a front drive accessory kit?

Your accessory drive (or pulley drive) system takes mechanical power from your engine’s crankshaft and uses it to drive accessories like the water pump and alternator….

How is the accessory gearbox connected to the engine?

An accessory gearbox is driven by a driveshaft from a bevel bearing connected to a compressor shaft in some gas turbine engines.

Where is the location of an accessory drive gearbox?

The accessory drive gearbox (Figure 8-6) is mounted at the 6 o’clock position of the engine inlet housing and is driven through bevel gears from the front end of the compressor rotor.

Is accessory drive same as serpentine belt?

You may also hear an accessory drive belt referred to as a serpentine belt, an alternator belt, a fan belt, or simply just a drive belt. Don’t let the terminology confuse you, they are all the same thing. Some vehicles have 2 accessory drive belts, while some only have 1 belt.

What is accessory drive belt?

Accessory drive belts are used to drive all the accessories that run off the front of the engine. The drive belt is responsible for using the engine’s revolutions to drive the power steering pump, a/c compressor, alternator, water pump, and other belt driven accessories.

What is an auxiliary gearbox?

a mechanism that makes possible an increase in the tractive force of a motor vehicle by increasing the gear ratio of the transmission. For example, an auxiliary gearbox is used in the transmission mechanism of heavy-duty motor vehicles and tractors to increase mobility under heavy road conditions.

What is the main component of the accessory section?

The basic elements of the accessory section are: The accessory case, which has machined mounting pads for the engine-driven accessories, and. The gear train, which is housed within the accessory case.

Is accessory gearbox attached to n1 or N2?

The accessory gearbox is generally driven by the N2 shaft (connecting the high-pressure turbine to the high-pressure compressor) and in turn drives the engine accessories such as generators, hydraulic pumps, oil pumps, etc.

What’s the belt called that goes around the alternator?

serpentine belt
The serpentine belt is one long, snaking, winding belt that keeps your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning and—in some cases—your water pump running smoothly and effectively.

Can you drive without serpentine belt?

What Happens If Drive Without Serpentine Belt? A vehicle cannot be driven without a serpentine belt, as it serves as antifreeze’s main delivery point to important parts of the engine. The power steering pump, which provides hydraulic pressure, is no longer functional without the serpentine belt.

What are accessory drive kits for GM LS engines?

Holley’s accessory drive kits for GM LS engines offer simple, clean, cost effective solutions that solve the accessory drive challenges encountered when swapping a GM LS engine into a muscle car, truck, hot rod or other vehicle. These brackets were designed to deliver a factory style appearance, correct belt alignment and factory stability.

What is a LSA a/C add on kit?

LSA ACCESSORY DRIVE SYSTEM A/C ADD-ON KIT Intended to be used in conjunction with P/N 19243525 kit for non-A/C applications. Not verified to work with any non-GM FEAD kit. MODIFIED LSA ACCESSORY DRIVE SYSTEM WITHOUT A/C NOTE: This kit includes the generator bracket and bolts that are already attached to a Chevrolet Performance LS9 Crate Engine.

What is the Holley LSX accessory drive system?

The Holley LSX accessory drive system comes in all three pulley lengths, and several options are available for positioning the accessories for maximum clearance. It is also available for the factory R4 A/C compressor or Sanden-style units. (Photo Courtesy Holley Performance Products)

Will the F-car LS1 accessory drive fit under the stock hood line?

This makes fitting the F-car LS1 accessory drive, with its low alternator, tight. It will clear the steering box, but clearance is minimal depending on which engine mounts are used. The Corvette-style drive will clear everything, while the truck system will not fit under the stock hood line.