What is the rate of tomato today in Tamilnadu?

Chennai Vegetable Price Today

Variety Quantity Price
Sweet Potato (Sakkaravalli Kizhangu) 1 Kg 25.00
Tapioca (Maravalli Kizhangu) 1 Kg 30.00
Tomato (Thakkali) 1 Kg 40.00
Yam (Karunai Kilangu) 1 Kg 75.00

What is the onion rate in Chennai today?

Vegetable Price Chennai – 14/May/2022

Name Price (Rs)
Onion – Big (1 Kg) : 14.00
Onion – Small (1 Kg) : 30.00
Onion – White (1 Kg) : 40.00
Peerkangai (1 Kg) : 89.00

Why are vegetables expensive?

In many parts of the country, vegetable prices have shot up due to increase in transportation cost, resulting from fuel price hike, leaving customers as well as sellers struggling. The latest of the lot is lemon, whose prices have risen to Rs 200 per kg in Gujarat’s Rajkot as per a report.

Why tomato price is increasing in Tamilnadu?

Tomato prices in Tamil Nadu soar past ₹100, govt steps in with subsidised variety. The prices have been steadily increasing since the arrival of the northeast monsoon in the state in October and have skyrocketed since heavy spells of rain caused severe damage in Chennai, delta districts and southern districts.

How many pieces of tomatoes is 1kg?

Description. 1kg is approximately 8 – 12 tomatoes.

Why tomatoes are expensive?

Tomato prices have skyrocketed by 21% in a week while the price of potatoes surged by 39% after heavy rainfalls ruined harvests. Input costs such as those for fertiliser, fuel, herbicides, packaging, and labour have risen sharply.

What is the price of tomato in India?

Tomato price today in India

Avg Price: 3425.00 INR/Quintal
Costliest Market Price: 7000.00 INR/Quintal
Cheapest Market: Bahadurganj
Cheapest Market Price: 2200.00 INR/Quintal
Latest Price Date: 16-May-2022

When tomato price will decrease?

According to a note prepared by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Tomato arrivals from the north Indian States will start from the beginning of December 2021 which will add to availability and lead to fall in prices.

How much is 1kg tomatoes?

Buy Fresho Tomato Local 1 Kg Online At Best Price of Rs 58.58 – bigbasket.