What is the song on the Doritos commercial?

The minute-long spot includes a reimagined version of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It,” this time with artists Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth covering the hit. The commercial centers on a jungle explorer who accidentally drops bags of Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Cheetos while climbing a tree.

What Singer did the Doritos commercial?

Watch: Charlie Puth Turns Into Beatboxing Fox in Doritos and Cheetos Super Bowl Spot.

Was Salt-N-Pepa in the Super Bowl commercial?

Salt-N-Pepa ‘Push It’ Heads to the Jungle During Super Bowl LVI – ‘Push It Is Possessed’ (Exclusive) Trailblazing hip hop artist Salt-N-Pepa’s second Super Bowl ad prompted the duo to reflect on the staying power of their iconic hit song, “Push It” but also how far women have come in the music business.

Was that salt or Peppa in the Doritos commercial?

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Has Salt ‘N Pepa Fans Concerned For A Surprising Reason.

Who was in Doritos Super Bowl commercial?

The national commercial starred Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth, two trending artists in the pop culture ecosystem—an intelligent move for a big game campaign where “music plays a key role in Frito-Lay’s marketing approach.”

Who plays in the Dorito commercial?


Was Salt and Pepa in the Doritos commercial?

During Super Bowl LVI, Doritos ran an ad spot for their Flamin’ Hot flavor. The commercial shows an explorer in the jungle who drops bags of Doritos. Wild animals then start eating the Doritos. When the spicy and cheesy goodness hits them, they each begin beatboxing Salt-N-Pepa’s hit song ‘Push It’.

What is the new Matthew McConaughey commercial about?

McConaughey advocates using technology to restore the resources we need on Earth. The call-to-action commercial, co-created by McConaughey, originally aired during the Winter Olympics and then again during the super bowl as part of Salesforce’s #TeamEarth campaign, which focuses on fighting climate change.

What is Team earth Matthew McConaughey?

Salesforce alongside new brand partner and advisor Matthew McConaughey today unveiled #TeamEarth, a new global campaign that aims to inspire businesses and individuals to help build a more fair, equal and sustainable future.