What is the V30 speaker?

The Celestion V30 is a speaker that can support or handle 60 watts of power, well above the 15 watts that the Alnico Blue loudspeaker supports or the 30 watts of the G12H30 that has a ceramic H magnet, the same as the Celestion Vintage 30. Of course, it is a 12″ inch -305 mm speaker.

What Celestion speaker is best?

Best Celestion 12-Inch Guitar Speakers

  1. Celestion Blue. Celestion Blue Guitar Speaker, 15 Ohm. $266.19. 12 inch electric guitar speaker available in 8 or 16 ohms.
  2. Celestion G12M Greenback. Celestion G12M Greenback 12″ $197.74.
  3. Celestion Vintage 30. Celestion Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm. $143.00.

How do you break in a Celestion V30?

On your guitar, use the middle pick-up position (if your guitar has more than one pick up). Play for at least an hour, using lots of open chords, and chunky percussive playing. This will get the cone moving, and should excite all the cone modes and get everything to settle in nicely.

Which Celestion speakers are made in China?

Celestion 60W 16 ohm Midnight 60 Speaker The Celestion “Originals” series comprises a number of affordable amp speakers made in China.

When did Celestion move to China?

Business is correct in stating that the majority of the production moved to China in 2002/2003. Only the Heritage, Blue/Gold, and Creambacks (plus some custom speakers for some amp companies) are still made in the UK, as far as I know.

Is the Marshall G12 vintage the same as the Celestion Vintage 30?

Marshall G12 Vintage is the more or less the same as the Celestion Vintage 30 – in fact it is closest to the original design of the Vintage 30 and is still supplied to Marshall in that form. I have a 2×12 cab in which I have put a Marshall G12 Vintage and a modern (Chinese) Vintage 30.

Is this Celestion speaker a vintage 30?

its a Vintage 30! Asked to review this, so any guitar players out there are probably familiar with this speaker and know how it sounds. I replaced a Celestion 70/80 as it sounds like crap and is a cheap speaker. So this sound’s like a vintage 30 should in my setup. I like it. guitar guys….each to their own tone as that is master.

Which Peavey Classic 30-16 ohm or 8 ohm?

So the 16 ohm (UK version) went back into my Peavey Classic 30 (where I’m very happy to have it). This 8 ohm version is actually warmer sounding then the 16 ohm version (to my surprise). And it’s not even broken in yet.!

What makes the Vintage 30 so special?

Our most revealing speaker, the Vintage 30 features enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a famously rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. Used singly to reveal the complexities in hand-wired boutique amps, or in quartets for a wonderfully intricate vintage three dimensional crunch,…