What is the website for the Symbian Developer Community?

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What is Symbian and what is it used for?

The system was designed to run on ARM processors and was used to power some of the most powerful smartphones at the time. Samsung and LG also joined the Symbian world after it was born and in 2000, Ericson R380 became the first Symbian mobile device in the world.

What is the history of Symbian?

In June 1998, Psion Software became Symbian Ltd., a major joint venture between Psion and phone manufacturers Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia. Afterwards, different software platforms were created for Symbian, backed by different groups of mobile phone manufacturers.

What happened to the Symbian platform?

As a consequence, Symbian’s market share fell, and application developers for Symbian dropped out rapidly. Research in June 2011 indicated that over 39% of mobile developers using Symbian at the time of publication were planning to abandon the platform.

What happened to the Symbian operating system?

In 2010, when other members including LG, Samsung, and Sony Ericson, adopted other operating systems, Nokia took over the running of the Symbian Foundation and transitioned it to licensing organizations only. Not long after, the market shares began dropping and with stiff competition from iOS and Android, the Symbian death row began.

How are Java ME applications developed for Symbian OS?

Java ME applications for Symbian OS are developed using standard techniques and tools such as the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (formerly the J2ME Wireless Toolkit). They are packaged as JAR (and possibly JAD) files.

What are the user interfaces based on Symbian OS?

User Interfaces platforms that run on or are based on Symbian OS include: S60, Symbian, also called Series 60. It was backed mainly by Nokia. There are several editions of this platform, appearing first as S60 (1st Edition) on Nokia 7650.