What is the wire rack on a wok for?

Wok Rack – A wok rack is a semi-circular rack which is used for hanging one side of such woks. It also works when draining water or oil while preparing other dishes.

Why does a wok have 2 handles?

It also benefits from being double handled, with 2 wooden handles either side that will aid safe lifting and cooking. Especially beneficial when deep or shallow frying and when cooking large amounts as the double handles will help with the woks movement safely.

What is a standard wok size?

13-14 inch
Here in the US, wok sizes vary from 10 inches to 20 inches. Make a choice depending upon the size of your range and how much you want to cook at one time, but generally speaking, we recommend a 13-14 inch wok.

How do you use a tempura rack in a wok?

Traditional tempura racks go right over the side of your wok or frying pan, so cooked food will rest on top of the wire racks. This allows for your cooking oil to go back inside the pan, so nothing is wasted, and you don’t have to worry about oil collecting on paper towels anymore!

Do you need a wok ring on gas stove?

You don’t have to use a wok ring with a flat-bottom wok but it does help things sizzle and cook with extra oomph. With the grates removed, and the feet positioned as a triad around the burner with the wok ring on top, I hit pay dirt: the flames licked the wok, making the pan even hotter.

Which is better flat or round bottom wok?

Flat or round bottom? If you are cooking with a Western electric range cooker, your best option is to use a flat-bottom wok. Round bottom woks can reflect heat back on the element, damaging it. A flat-bottomed wok can also be used on gas stoves.

Do you need wok rack?

It keeps the round-bottomed woks in place during the cooking process. Wok rings are made from various types of metals and range in many styles, sizes, and shapes to fit most stovetops. Cooking any stir-fried meal using a wok is difficult without a wok ring, as most woks are not designed for use on a flat stovetop.

Should I get a 12 inch or 14 inch wok?

Size-wise, 14-inch-wide woks are standard. But if you can store a bigger, 16-inch-wide wok, you’ll find that the extra space liberates you to cook more food and with extra flair. I have a 12-inch wok that’s great for deep-frying, though that’s a task you can do in a 16-inch one too!

What is a tempura rack for?