What is Vijay issue?

In July 2021, a bench of Justice SM Subramaniam had heavily criticised Vijay for challenging the imposition of entry tax on his imported Rolls Royce Ghost car. The judge had ordered the actor to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh in addition to paying the entire entry tax for the car.

Is Vijay Better than Ajith?

Vijay is the popular pick of Tamil cinema fans. He has even surpassed Thala Ajith Kumar. However, Ajith has given a tough fight. While Vijay garnered about 16 per cent of the votes, Ajith has secured 14 per cent.

How is Vijay so fit?

Vijay has said that he eats everything in moderation and does not skip meals but other than that he does not follow any diet fads. As for working out, he keeps himself fit by doing a few floor exercises and lifting weights in the comfort of his own home!

Did Vijay sue his parents?

Tamil actor Vijay has filed a civil lawsuit against 11 people, including his own parents. Vijay is the son of filmmaker SA Chandrasekar and Shobha. As per the lawsuit, which was filed in a city court, Vijay has said that no one is allowed to use his name to organise public meetings and gatherings.

Why did Vijay case against his parents?

The strained relationship between Vijay and his father took another ugly turn when the actor filed a case in a Chennai court last week against his parents alleging they were using his name for their political agenda.

Who is fan base in Tamil Nadu?

1. Rajinikanth. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad prominently known as Rajinikanth has been ruling the Tamil film industry for the past three decades. Being the superstar of Kollywood, Rajinikanth enjoys a huge fan following across Tamil Nadu.

How is Vijay so lean?

Vijay believes in moderations over diet fads. He eats what he wants, without over-indulging himself. His professional work ethic can be seen in the way he treats himself and his health as well.

Does Thala Ajith drink alcohol?

Prefers to drink with his left hand – Ajith always prefers to drink with his left hand, and this is to prevent bacterial infections.

Why did Vijay file a case?

Vijay filed a civil lawsuit against his own parents because his father recently revealed that his son is interested in politics. He then went ahead and even registered a party in Vijay’s name. Chandrasekhar made his wife Shobha as the treasurer of the party while his relative Padmanabhan was named the party President.

What is Vijay net worth?

Vijay Net Worth

Unit Net Worth
Net worth in lakh INR 42,000 lakhs
Net worth in crore INR 420 crores
Net worth in million INR 4,200 millions
Net worth in billion INR 4.20 billions

What is problem between Vijay and his father?

At the same time, it looks like Vijay is still in disagreement with his father SA Chandrasekhar since he started a political party with the name of the actor, and arranged a meeting with fan clubs regarding contesting in the election a few months ago.