What is Ward 6 at Wexham Park Hospital?

Nurse staffing levels – Rheumatology January 2022

Ward name CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives CHPPD – Healthcare Support Workers
Ward name – Wp Ward 6 Rheumatology CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives 2.84 CHPPD – Healthcare Support Workers 2.12

What is Ward 8 at Wexham Park Hospital?

Medicine for Older People – Ward 8.

Can I visit patient in Wexham Park Hospital?

Patients can have up to two visitors a day between the hours of 9am and 9pm in our non-COVID adult inpatient wards. We ask that visiting is restricted to the same two visitors for that day but they will not need to book their visit in advance with the ward.

Who is in charge of Wexham Park Hospital?

Neil Dardis
Neil Dardis has joined Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust as its chief executive this week. Neil starts at the trust with more than 20 years’ experience in the NHS, mostly at managerial and board level.

What is ICS Frimley?

Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System (ICS) is a partnership of organisations working together to improve health and care services for the 800,000 people in the local area, with a shared vision for the best use of combined resources to make a positive difference for communities, residents, patients and staff.

What is F3 ward Frimley Park Hospital?

Waiting for an appointment or procedure? Waiting for an appointment or procedure?…

Ward name Contact number
F3 0300 613 4130
F4 0300 613 4245
F5 0300 613 2759
F6 0300 613 4388

How many beds does Wexham Park Hospital have?

The area it covers includes Ascot, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Slough, South Buckinghamshire and Windsor. The trust has approximately 3,200 staff and a total of 650 beds, with 588 on the Wexham Park Hospital site.

Where is Wexham Park Hospital?

Don’t know which trust provides the service you’re looking for? Wexham Park Hospital is situated approximately 2 miles north of Slough Train Station, which is part of the National Rail network operated by First Great Western.

How do I request an X-ray from the radiology department?

So you can walk into the radiology department and state your name and say your GP has done an online request for an X-ray. Submit your answer Hospitals nearby 24mWexham Park Hospital

When can you access our X-ray services?

When can you access our x-ray services? When you have been referred by your GP for a plain film x-ray and have a request form from them, you can attend any of our sites between these hours Monday to Friday:

Where can I stay near X-ray department?

Hotels near X-Ray Dept At Wexham Park Hospital Stoke Place 4 ★Stoke Green, Stoke Poges, Stoke Poges The Pinewood Hotel 4 ★Wexham Park Lane, George Green, Slough