What is water curtains?

Definition of water curtain : a sheet of water usually formed from above (as at the proscenium arch of a theater or in a mine) especially as a screen to prevent spread of fire.

Are water curtains effective?

The investigation also revealed that the water curtains can effectively protect personnel and facility by provide cooling and smoke dilution. The study on oil tank fires have shown that water deluge can effectively attenuate thermal radiation from fires.

What is water curtain nozzle?

HD Water Curtain Nozzles are non-automatic open, outside sprinklers intended for the protection of windows, walls, steel beams, columns, roofs and any other structures against exposure fire and heat penetration.

What is a draft curtain?

According to the NFPA, a draft curtain is a non-combustible barrier. It may be permanently or temporarily fixed in place, or it may be deployable upon detection of smoke or flame. It’s meant to hang or protrude from the ceiling, where it can help to block and channel smoke migration.

What is water curtain pump?

Water Curtain systems constitute a set of nozzles that are mounted radially to diffuse water at high pressure during fire accidents. This system best prevents the spread of fire across walls, windows, and ceiling thus preventing total unwanted damage in the space.

What is fire water curtain?

What is a smoke draft curtain?

The NFPA defines a Draft Curtain as a “Fixed or Automatically deployable noncombustible barrier that protrudes downward from the ceiling to channel, contain or prevent the migration of smoke.” Draft Curtains can be manufactured from fire-resistant fiberglass woven textiles, glass (commonly called smoke baffles), or …

What is rain curtain?

Rain Curtains are unique water features that give unique beauty to the place by allowing the water droplets fall along it like the indoor wall of water. They give amazing effects to the place where they are projected.

What is a fire curtain system?

Water curtain system is one of the active fire suppression system (Active fire suppression system means it becomes active only when there is fire). As the name itself defines, if forms a curtain to prevent spread of smoke / heat / flame from fire captured area to no fire area.

Is the water curtain barrier fire rated wall?

The barrier can be fire rated wall (or any assembly) or fire curtains or water curtain. Since the question is about water curtain system, I will explain what is it and how does it work.

Do edge nozzles provide fire protection from water curtains?

The aim of this study is to illustrate some features of the water curtains generated by edge nozzles in order to offer a fire protection mechanism based on water screens.

What is water curtain system?

Water curtain System consists of Reserved water Dedicated pump Valves (Isolation valve, Non-return valve, Deluge valve etc) Pipes & Fittings, Water curtain nozzle Fire detection device etc., Water Curtain Pump is connected to the water curtain nozzle through deluge valve.