What party games were popular in the 80s?


  • Break Dancing Contest.
  • Lip-syncing Contest.
  • Air-guitar Contest.
  • Moon-walking Contest.
  • Rubik’s cube contest.

What do you do for an 80’s birthday party?

15 Ideas for a Totally Awesome 80s Theme Party

  • Totally Awesome Dress Code.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Fun.
  • Neon Lighting.
  • A Rad Playlist.
  • Retro Candy Bar.
  • Rubik’s Cube Cake.
  • Music Themed Centerpieces.
  • Retro Photo Booth.

How do you make an 80’s theme party?

18 Totally Bodacious Ideas For Your 80s Theme Party

  1. Set the Historical Context. The 1980s decade was a dynamic time in history.
  2. Set a Dress Code.
  3. Make a Mega Mixtape.
  4. Book an 80s Tribute Band.
  5. Send Them Home With Retro Sweets.
  6. Turn Off the Lights!
  7. Deck Out Your Photo Booth.
  8. Embrace Inflatables.

Are 80s party games appropriate for young people?

These games are appropriate for all participants regardless of age. While older people experienced these moves, young people may have already learnt them from famous artists of the time such as Michael Jackson. The 80s parties are not strictly a reserve for adults.

What are some 80s games for a game night?

Adding the authentic 1980s game experience gives your party a feel for the era. There are plenty of commercially available games made specifically for 1980s game nights as well as for ’80s activities. Trivial Pursuit has an ’80s version. VH1’s “I Love the ’80s” has an official tabletop trivia game.

How to make a great 80s themed dance party?

Prize the person with the best picture of themselves. Let the party rock with dance moves and concern partying from the 80s. You can have the participants try iconic styles such as moonwalker for more fun. It is hilarious how many people will love to dance while others may not necessarily be good at it.

What to do for an 80th birthday party?

An 80th birthday is a significant achievement worth celebrating with friends and family. While your guest of honor might not be interested in the usual games associated with birthday parties, you can still liven up the event with some well-chosen, guided games that will entertain guests of every generation.