What pens were used in WW1?

At the beginning of the war, the most common pen found among the allied forces was some form of the Safety pen, such as Waterman’s ‘ideal’ safety pen, which was generally an eyedropper filled fountain pen.

What was censored in WW1 letters?

Mail, telegrams, pamphlets and books, news and newspapers, plays, photographs, films, and speech were all subject to censorship – or restrictions – during the First World War. Modelled along British lines, censorship was designed to stop information like troop movements from falling into enemy hands.

How did soldiers write letters in WW1?

Soldiers wrote letters in spare moments, sometimes from front line trenches or in the calmer surroundings behind the lines. Censorship dictated what servicemen were permitted to disclose in their letters.

What is a safety pen?

Safety pens are designed to help prevent any ink from leaking while capped. Unlike traditional fountain pens that seal around the grip when closed, the safety pen helps to create a seal right at the ink reservoir. They are not as vulnerable to pressure changes when traveling.

Why did soldiers write letters in code?

One hapless soldier in the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry faced a court-martial for having written the word ‘Vimy’ in one of his letters. To avoid such severe punishment, soldiers in all armies invented codes, some of which were so impenetrable as to be all but useless to writer and reader alike.

How do you write ww1?

One camp maintained that A.P. style is “WWI”, while another, attacking from the flank, claimed that “World War I” is standard.

What was the green envelope in ww1?

We was allowed to write home, you was allowed one every so often what they called a green envelope. And you could write all private matters in that such as writing to your wife or anything like that, so it was supposed to be private and they would not be censored.

What is a Charlie pen?

Charlie is a light, slim pen, similar in size, shape and materials to a Noodler’s Creaper. It feels comfortable and solid. The screw cap (mine is black with muted red-brown streaks that are hard to photograph) is interchangeable with a Creaper cap.

What does a safety pen look like?

Simply put, a Safety Pen is a pen in which the nib rests inside the barrel, or ink chamber, of the pen. This way, the nib and the feed are in constant contact with the ink. For example, the Noodler’s Boston Safety Pen has a nib unit that retracts into the barrel or ink chamber.