What personality type is John Frusciante?

“John Anthony Frusciante (born March 5, 1970) is an American guitarist, singer, composer, and producer.

Why does John Frusciante have a lisp?

Also, as a result of improper hygiene and drug use, Frusciante lost all his teeth and now has to wear dentures which causes a slight lisp that you can sometimes hear when he sings.

When did Frusciante become sober?

YaBoyIcedCoffee stated: “John was only 100% sober for a very short period from 1999 until the By The Way tour when he mentioned smoking a bunch of weed in an interview, but I can’t even say that to a certainty.

What drugs did John Frusciante take?

“I had a year of not feeling like myself, a year of feeling like I was an impostor who didn’t deserve to even be called John Frusciante,” he told a UK music magazine in 1999. “I was smoking crack all day long, shooting heroin, shooting cocaine, drinking wine, taking valium.

What personality type is Anthony Kiedis?

Anthony Kiedis Thought to be an INFJ in the Myers Briggs personality typing #anthonykiedis #a…

How did Frusciante learn guitar?

When he was nine, his stepfather offered him his first acoustic guitar. John taught himself how to play guitar, and for the next several years he would spent all his time practicing. In California his interest in music grew and grew as he discovered bands such as The Germs.

Why is Frusciante’s arm scarred?

His upper teeth had fallen out, his legs, arms and ankles were pocked by cigarette burns and his fingernails were bloodied. Only 28 – and already a lauded guitarist credited with reinventing the art – Frusciante had become a rock’n’roll drug cliché. ‘I had made the simple decision to give up living,’ he says.

Why do John Frusciante’s arms look like that?

Today, Frusciante’s arms are covered with abscess scars; they look like they’ve suffered third-degree burns. He was taught to shoot up by people who didn’t really know how; when he started getting abscesses, he persisted anyway: “I just didn’t care what was going to happen to me.

Why does Flea call himself Flea?

To cope, Flea began smoking cannabis at 13, and became a daily user. He was first called “Flea” as a teenager for his seeming inability to sit still, and the nickname stuck. Nicknamed Mike B. the Flea, he attended Fairfax High School, and was something of an outcast due to his taste in music.