What power can manipulate everything?

Almighty powers

Power Description
Matter manipulation The power to manipulate anything in the universe that has substance and physical form.
Omnipotence The power to be supremely almighty and invincible, holding infinite power with almost no limitations.
Omnipresence The power to be absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

What is Omni manipulation?

The power to manipulate absolutely everything. Form/Expression of Omnipotence. Absolute version of Telekinesis and Omniverse Manipulation.

What is the difference between Omnikinesis and Omnipotence?

Omnikinesis is a powerful ability but it is not Ultifery. Omni-Manipulation is just nigh omnipotent. No matter if Omnipotence is status or power, it’s still so much superior to it.

Who controls the Omniverse?

One-Above-All (Marvel Comics) is the Supreme Creator of the Omniverse and has absolute control over it.

What are omni powers?

Powers & Abilities which are infinite and contains everything.

What are the different types of Kinesis?

The three principle types of kinesis found in Dinosaurs are,

  • Streptostyly; forwards and back movement of the quadrate, seen in most lizards, snakes and birds.
  • Metakinesis; jointing between the neurocranium and the dermatocranium, seen in some lizards.

What is Oneirokinesis?

Description. This is the ability to psychically manipulate dreams and related phenomena.

What is beyond omniverse?

Beyond the Omniverse The Omniverse exists in the surrounding emptiness known as The Outside, a void of virtual nothingness. Whatever may lie outside of these concepts is simply referred to as Beyond, one of the many iterations contained by Transcendentem.

How to master omnikinesis?

A piece of advice when it comes to mastering total control of everything, a task this monumental takes time to learn. Be patient and take time to learn and understand about the each individual abilities, about yourself, about your own limitations and how to break them. Tip: keep a journal of your Omnikinesis journey.

What is the best time of day to practice omnikinesis?

Certain times in the day offer assistance in your practice. For example, the hours of midnight to three am are often referred to as the witching hours, the time where the veil between worlds is thinned and the energy is more fluid and free-forming. This offers a great advantage to your Omnikinesis journey.

Do spells for telekinesis and omnikinesis work?

In theory, a spell for each ability takes you one step closer to mastering Omnikinesis. For example, take this spell for using Telekinesis: When it comes to Omnikinesis, specific detail has to be implied for the ability you may have concerns about.

What is omnikinetic cooking and how does it work?

All an omnikinetic person needs to do is put their desired food in a bowl or other form of container and implement the aforementioned powers to cook the food. Not only is the reduction in monthly electricity costs a formidable benefit alone, but just having the ability to dictate the rate food cooks is enormous.