What was all of WCW pay per views?

To date, WWE has only promoted one pay-per-view which uses the name of a former WCW supercard, namely The Great American Bash….Events by month.

Month Pay-per-view event
March Greed (2001)
April Spring Stampede (1994; 1997 – 2000)
May NWA Wrestle War (1989)
WCW Wrestle War (1992)

What was WCW last pay-per-view?

WCW Greed
Greed was the final professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It took place on March 18, 2001 from the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida. Greed replaced the promotion’s March PPV event Uncensored which was held from 1995 to 2000.

What was the first WCW pay-per-view?

Lex Luger (Starrcade 1988: True Grit) While still under the JCP banner, the first-ever WCW PPV was Starrcade: True Grit.

What was the biggest WCW event?

Starrcade was regarded by the NWA and WCW as their flagship event of the year, much in the same vein that its rival, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), regarded WrestleMania. As a result, the buildup to each Starrcade featured the largest feuds of the promotion….

First event 1983
Last event 2019

What was the first ever wrestling PPV?

Starrcade 1983
Starrcade 1983 was the first major pay-per-view event. Much like WrestleMania would a year-and-a-half later, Starrcade was the show where the top rivalries in the promotion would come to a head.

Who really bought WCW?

World Championship Wrestling

(Top) The original WCW logo, (Bottom) The logo used from 1999 to 2001
Trade name World Championship Wrestling
Fate Deactivated and renamed by AOL Time Warner, later merged with Turner Broadcasting System; selected assets purchased by the WWF
Successor WCW Inc. Turner Broadcasting System