What words have a bossy R?

Some examples of “Er” Controlled R words are: “Water, Her, Later, and Winter.” Some examples of “Ur” Controlled R words are: “Fur, Purr, Turn, and Burn.” Some examples of “Ir” Controlled R words are: “Bird, Girl, and Third.” The “Or” sound is the sound of the word “Or.”

How do I teach Bossy R?

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Write the word “cat” on the board and say it aloud.
  2. Now add the letter r after the a and say the new word “cart” aloud.
  3. Play the BrainPOP Jr.
  4. After the movie, invite a volunteer to play the part of Bossy R, and give that student the r card.

What is the rule of bossy R?

When a syllable has a vowel that is followed by r, the vowel is “controlled” by the r and makes a new sound. Examples include car, bird, germ, form, and hurt. This rule is sometimes called “bossy r” because the r “bosses” the vowel to make a new sound.

What is a bossy R syllable?

We often refer to this as The Bossy R for our younger students. In an R-Controlled Syllable, the vowel is neither long nor short; it is controlled by the letter R and the /r/ sound. The vowel before the R does not make its regular long or short sound, so we say it is being bossed or controlled by the R.

What are the 5 R controlled vowels?

R Controlled Vowels Worksheet Activities /er/ – includes: ‘er’, ‘ir’, ‘ur’, ‘or’ and ‘ear’ spelling choices.

How do you know when to use IR ER?

When the letter ‘r’ follows a vowel, it changes the vowel sound. Sound out these vowels. When these vowels are followed by ‘r’, they all make the same sound. Remember: ‘er’, ‘ir’ and ‘ur’ make the same sound.

Is there a er IR ur rule?

How do you know when to use IR or ER?

How do you teach r controlled syllables?

Using the ar, or, er, ir, and ur cards, teach students that r controls the vowel sound. In closed syllables (at least one consonant “closing in” one vowel), if the vowel is followed by r, the vowel does not make its expected sound. R changes the vowel sound. These syllables are called r-controlled syllables.