When can you burn off Yarra Ranges?

Burning off is allowed on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, except during June and July when no burning is allowed. Before burning off you must register the burn with ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority).

When can you start burning off in Victoria?

Prohibited period in Hume (north-eastern Victoria)

Municipality Prohibited period starts Prohibited period ends
Alpine Shire 13 December 2021 21 March 2022
Benalla Rural City 13 December 2021 28 March 2022
Indigo Shire 13 December 2021 21 March 2022
Mansfield Shire 13 December 2021 28 March 2022

Can I burn off in my backyard Victoria?

Burning off grass, stubble, weeds, undergrowth or other vegetation is generally permitted outside the Fire Danger Period. Local laws on burn-offs can apply year-round. Check with your local council before lighting up.

Can I have a fire in my backyard Melbourne?

Can I light a fire in the open air to burn off grass, stubble, weeds, undergrowth or other vegetation? NO unless: you have a Fire Danger Period permit issued by CFA, FRV or a Municipal Fire Prevention Officer, depending on the location of the activity.

Can I have a campfire in Victoria?

State forests and national parks will be closed on Code Red days. You cannot ignite a campfire or allow a campfire to stay alight on days of Total Fire Ban.

What burn off means?

Definition of burn off intransitive verb. : to be dissipated by the sun’s warmth waiting for the fog to burn off. transitive verb. : to cause to burn off.

Is today total fire ban in Vic?

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 Today, Wed, 11 May 2022 is not currently a day of Total Fire Ban.

Can you use a firepit in Melbourne?

On total fire ban days in Victoria, the use of fire-pits, solid-fuel barbecues and wood-fired ovens in backyards is prohibited.

Are open fires allowed?

Currently it is illegal for you to burn wood or house coal on your open fire. This will continue. If you have a stove (or are having one fitted) it must be DEFRA approved. You should only burn dry wood or approved smokeless fuel.