When did the 7 9 Seahawks make the playoffs?


2010 Seattle Seahawks season
Record 7–9
Division place 1st NFC West
Playoff finish Won Wild Card Playoffs (vs. Saints) 41–36 Lost Divisional Playoffs (at Bears) 24–35
Pro Bowlers None

What year did the Seahawks make the playoffs with a losing record?

In 2011 the Seahawks became the first team in NFL history to qualify for the playoffs with a losing record after going 7–9 in the 2010 regular season.

Has an NFL team ever made the playoffs with a losing record?

A losing team has never made the playoffs in the 16-game era (which began in 1978), and only two . 500 teams have won their divisions. The worst cases came in 1985 and 2008.

What is Russell Wilson’s playoff record?

9-7 record
Russell Wilson has a 9-7 record in the playoffs in his career.

When was the last time Russell Wilson won a playoff game?

Russell Wilson has 9 wins in the playoffs in his career.

Russell Wilson 1/10/2015 NFC Divisional
Russell Wilson 1/18/2015 NFC Championship
Russell Wilson 2/1/2015 Super Bowl
Russell Wilson 1/10/2016 NFC Wild Card

Has an 8-8 team ever won the Super Bowl?

There have been a total of four teams, 1999 Titans, 2000 Ravens, 2007 Giants and the 2008 Cardinals that have reached the Super Bowl following an 8-8 season and two of those teams, the Ravens and Giants have won the Super Bowl.

Can the Seahawks still make the playoffs?

Yes, Sunday brought some good Seahawks news. No, it wasn’t the fact that the 3-7 club did not play. Instead, the league-wide results of Week 12 offered hope that, no matter how bad the team has been in the 2021 season so far, making the playoffs still remains a possibility if Pete Carroll and company can hit a rhythm.

Who are the Seahawks playing in the playoffs?

(1) Packers 13 3 0 X X X

  • (2) Rams 12 4 0 X X X
  • (3) Buccaneers 12 4 0 X X X
  • (4) Cowboys 11 5 0 X X X
  • (5) Cardinals 11 5 0 X X X
  • (6)Forty-Niners 49’ers 9 7 0 X X X
  • (7) Eagles 9 7 0 X X X
  • (8) Saints
  • Did the Seahawks win tonight?

    The Seahawks finally did what you are supposed to do against The Seahawks have had a tough 2021 season, but a loss to the 2-win Detroit Lions would be quite the embarrassment, John Clayton

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